How to Prepare a Montessori Bedroom for your Child

The basic idea behind Montessori teaching is that learning should be completely child-centered. This means that, in a Montessori bedroom, everything should be safe and at kid-level to explore. Many parents choose different formats for their rooms, but every room has the same basic ideas. Setting up a Montessori room is relatively inexpensive and easy as long as you know where to start.

  • Floor Level Bed One of the key components of a Montessori bedroom is a floor level bed. This allows kids to access and leave their bed on their terms to explore their surroundings and set their own sleep schedules. Many parents of babies like to add a mobile above the bed for the baby to focus on. Many parents worry that their baby will roll out of bed, which is a common and valid concern. There are several fixes to this problem, such as putting pool noodles under the fitted sheet, attaching a bed rail under the mattress, and putting something soft, like a rubber mat, next to the bed in case the baby rolls off.
  • Everything Safely Attached to the Wall The whole idea of a Montessori room is to allow kids to learn skills naturally without any adult intervention. For that to happen, you need to make sure that the furniture in the room is safe for kids to explore by themselves. Try to make all the furniture as close to kid-sized as possible and be sure that all the furniture is safely attached to the wall in case climbing is part of your kids’ natural exploration process.
  • Clear the Clutter For most parents, clearing the clutter is only a dream, but if you’re serious about wanting a Montessori room, you have to clear the room of everything but the important stuff. Less clutter makes a safer environment for the children and removes distractions. The room has to be screen free, and there should be plenty of room to move around and explore.
  • Natural Learning Toys A Montessori room is just as much about play as it is about function. The room should not be over-filled, but there should be a fair assortment of learning toys available to suit your child’s mood. Many parents who choose this method of decorating believe that toys should be simple and made of natural materials as much as possible. To remove clutter and keep with the theme, instead of buying a massive toy chest or large bookcase to store the toys, buy a couple of plastic storage bins. Separate the toys into the bins and place the bins together on the floor in the corner of the room.
  • Bright Pictures at Baby Level One of the defining features of this type of bedroom is bright pictures that are hung at kid level. Even in kid’s rooms adults tend to hang art at an adult level which doesn’t allow kids to appreciate and understand the art. Make sure that the art is hung safely in case your baby’s exploration includes removing them from the wall.
  • Lots of Books Another feature of Montessori rooms is an abundance of books, and often, a reading nook. These books are usually on a kid-sized bookshelf and are often laid face up on the shelf so toddlers can pick them from the pictures on their covers. Some parents will also place a rug and pillows in the same area so kids can lay and read to their heart’s content.
  • Clothes in Their Reach One final note that may not be traditional, but which is popular with a lot of parents practicing this method is to put your child’s clothes at their level and allow them to dress themselves.Speaking from experience, this can have some disastrous results, but it makes them happy and teaches them independence. Again, it is incredibly important to make sure that the furniture that the clothes are stored in is securely attached to the wall because you can guarantee that they will be reaching to the back to search for their favorite shirt.

This type of bedroom design may not be for everyone, but it does seem to be growing in popularity. It makes sense that this is a great way for kids to learn about their environment while also gaining independence and confidence is a free but safe environment. Additionally, the minimalist ideas behind the Montessori method will probably save you money when preparing your child’s room!

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