How to Remodel a House & Make Some Money Flipping

Oh my goodness!! If you have been following us on instagram (@mommabeesaving), you know that we have been undergoing some MAJOR remodels in our house. WOW. I can’t even stand it. At first I was dreading it because of the money and the amount of time people would be in my house and not having a clean house.. I mean those are all legit, right?


We brought our house as a foreclosed house and did some work over the years but since we are putting it on the market we needed to finalize  ALOT! Mostly the bathrooms. Im sad that I can’t get to enjoy these remodels since we are moving, but I hope the next person LOVES it just as much as we do. We brought it for a STEAL and can’t wait to sell it to flip it!


Here’s some tips for the remodel and flipping of a house!! 

  • Get a home inspection: know what is wrong so you aren’t fixing the wrong things.
  • Have fun decorating!! This is the BEST part.
  • Make sure you have a budget set and allow for unexpected things to arise.
  • Make sure to have a contract outlined between the contractor and you.
  • Be patient, things are bumpy at first, but will get better.
  • Ask questions! Make sure things are going smoothly.
  • Plan for long days with lots of people in your house.
  • Make sure you have fans and windows open since it will get dusty.
  • Don’t worry about minor details someone will want to change it once they move in.
  • Don’t worry about making it perfect the next person is going to make changes
  • Follow deadlines and stick to them.
  • Outsource whenever possible, you can’t do it all.
  • Don’t worry about the little details
  • Make sure you have a KICK ASS realtor to sell it!


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