How to Shop Smart!

There are certain things that are best to purchase are at specific times if the year for cheap! In fact, we have another blog coming soon on when is the best time to buy certain ideas! We have put together a list of things to buy and when! Trust me when I say that I’m a bargain hunter.

We just purchased our house and I can’t wait to start decorating and purchasing awesome stuff!! I’m rushing to the stores to find the best prices and I notice that summer stuff is slowly dying down! Hurry and get these deals now! Keep an eye out over the next couple of weeks for additional mark downs!

Depending on your location and where you shop you can find summer clothes on clearance! I stock up on baby clothes! I can either resell or store away for when Antonio will fit in the clothes. This is huge for me since babies are constantly growing and changing.

There is also beach towels, patio furniture, gardening, and so much more that is going on clearance. A lot of times it isn’t advertised or can be hidden in the store so make sure to look out for. Summer stuff is so perfect to get now. Just make sure you find the deals often times they will say clearance but it’s only a few bucks off. I have gotten patio furniture for 50-70% off! It’s all about being smart! If it doesnt seem like a bargain, its not and don’t purchase it! However, if it is more than 60% off then it is a great price! Keep looking out for new items to hit the clearance racks too! 


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