How to Shop Smarter

Who likes to spend money?! Okay let’s rephrase that.. Who doesn’t like to spend money on groceries, etc? Who wants to save money and be smarter about shopping?! I DREAD this more than anything. I always go into the store stressing about how much my bill is going to be!  I have learned along the way a few things and I honestly think that all of these things are beneficial for you!

Here’s a few things to consider:

  • First, go there with a list and a budget. This is always the first thing I do. I HAVE to do this, it’s easier said than doing. Once we go into the store I see things I want but don’t need. STICK to your list! This is the biggest problem for most. Know what you have in stock and what you don’t need so that you can refrain from that.
  • Get Coupons. Every Sunday I clip coupons digitally and in print. I clip the ones that I will use. Don’t clip ones you don’t ever need. Right? Then you are wasting ink, time, and spending more.. So really focus on the coupons you need.
  • Once you have your list ready THEN go through and see if you have any coupons that match up.. This will help you not use coupons that you don’t need at that time.
  • I use a few apps.. I look at my list and see if  I can make money back on anything that is on my list that I am purchasing. If I am able to upload them with a receipt and make some money back then I am going to! A few that I love: Ibotta, Mobi Save, and Check out 51.
  • Also, make sure that if you have any reward cards for certain shops to use them. These help so much and can help you save.



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  1. Great tips. I have gotten almost $200 in cash from Ibotta and think I may add another app. Why not get more!

  2. Great tips. I make a list every time i go to the store and i mean well but there are always extras that creep up into my basket. I also find that I don’t end up getting everything I need because I end up back at the store between shopping trips.

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