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How To Stay Motivated When You Work From Home

I have been working for myself officially now for almost two years. During that time, I have realized that I needed to have a ton of control in my life to be successful. People tell me all the dang time, “it must be nice to work from home” or, “I wish I could work from home” or even, “I couldn’t work from home.”

I like to think that I have always been well-disciplined and can get items done that need to be done. Being an entrepreneur has its perks. Even with kids running around, cooking dinner, and doing everything in between, I am still able to get motivated and focused.

  1. SHARE GOALS AND PLANS WITH FRIENDS: I know there will be times when we all want to slack off. There are days where I go to the spa instead of working, but it is because I know that I can pick up when I get back. I am part of a mastermind, and also have a sales coach; both of these seem to help me stay accountable. Furthermore, my parents are always by my side when it comes to running my business. I keep them informed and allow them to know my business goals and plans.
  2. THINK BIG PICTURE: Your mind is going to wander, so get that straight. From writing to social media to photo editing to networking, your list will go on forever. You will want to tackle bits daily, but you need to know that you are in charge. Focusing on the end game is much more motivating than seeing each task as an individual chore. Find a way to see the big picture and the end game that you want, and what the steps are that you need to make to get there. Too often I find myself seeing the end of the results for my business but unsure how to get there, so I make a plan. I draw a huge plan and write it out on my whiteboard + make sure to have it visualized in front of my desk daily. This process helps me to stay focused and reach that goal.
  3. CELEBRATE LITTLE MILESTONES: You cannot get to the end game or the big picture unless you celebrate every little milestone and learn from the past. I will tell you that I had to do both; it is just the nature of the game and being an entrepreneur. I have learned that EVERY single small milestone matters. Sending out that email, knocking off the emails, whatever it is, it matters.

The truth is working from home is great; I don’t mind it at all. I am very well-disciplined and can manage my time and see the big picture of where I see myself, and my business. Tell me, what do you need help with working from home?


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  1. Thank you so much for this post. This helps me a ton. I am hoping to be able to work from home some day. If you don’t mind me asking, I know everyone is different, but how long before you started full time working from home?

    1. I’ve always been working from home for sometime, but I had to get a system down right before I was able to really have it managed well 🙂

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