How to take care of yourself even in the darkest times.

Take care of yourself 

The first thing is first.. you must take care of yourself! In order to have good days you have to fill your head with positive thoughts. I have been having a heck of time with anxiety and OCD. I guess thats what the doctor calls it! I get incredibly overwhelmed for the smallest things EVER.  I needed help and I made sure to get that help.

There’s going to be good days and there’s going to be bad today and this is all part of life. I realize this slower than I imagined. I feel like I can control everything and I feel like I don’t want change ever!  So much has changed in the past six months that I have hit rock bottom many many times. After much and thoughts I have a few things that have worked for me.

  1. Sticking to a schedule: This seems foolish to most people because they are like “I have a schedule.” A schedule is making sure that everything is pretty repetitive for the most part. Let’s look into my life. First I wake up an hour earlier than than the rest of the house (630). I take a shower and get my head ready and drink lots of water. Then I drop Antonio off at daycare I come home unload the dishwasher throw some laundry in make breakfast and the rest of the day is work until 430. I make sure that I eat my lunch at the same time everyday. I also meditate and do everything at the same time everyday. It is critical for me to have this schedule and stick so it.
  2. De clutter your phone  Sometimes we get side-tracked. Do you find time passing you by because you are constantly finding things on your phone? How many apps do you have on your phone? How many do you use? What is your biggest time consuming app!?
    Monitor the next time you use apps all on your phone you will see that you spend way too much time on your phone.
    Join me on this journey as I de clutter my phone! If I don’t use it or if I spend too much time on it it’s going.. I’m deleting all social media from my phone too. I work but things have got to go away and be settled. Social media will be fine without me after all my posts are scheduled anyway sooooo what’s the point?
    It’s more than social media though it’s everything everything is on your phone like you can have your whole personally for the tip of your fingers it’s kind of scary at the same time if you think about it. When something is wrong we google instantly – let’s stop that!! I have done that far too much in the past and I am DONE. It causes more panic attacks than anything.
    But more importantly it takes away time from your family and from your life. When you get bored you’re like oh let me go check Facebook let me go check that let me go play this game real quick no we need to stop that!!! Find something else where that energy can go!  I’ve deleted three apps already and I’m probably going to delete more. I deleted with Snapchat,  why another social media app? Why do we need Insta stories, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest? We wait for people to respond and like our stuff and its beyond frustrating!!
    We shouldn’t have to have a freak attack or panic attack when we can’t find our phones either! How many times have freaked out when our phone is about to die? Our society is built on electronics and I LOVE my iPhone don’t give me wrong,  but at the same time I’m in control I have to do what I have to do! You would be surprised to know how better you feel when you don’t have to sit on your phone.  Let’s go back to the days when we just text and call with our cell phones!
  3. Exercise:  This is a work in progress for me. You have to do this!! It’s not to lose weight or to get fit but rather to release the hormone dopemine which helps you release stress and anxiety. I can’t tell you enough how great I feel after I do this!!
  4. Meditate OR deep breathing: This is something that I preach about like religion. I do this at the same time everyday with an app called “headspace” It is incredible! I do deep breathing through out the day and meditate mid day and then meditate before I go bed. Through out the day I also put on my lavender oil so it helps calm me!

What are some ways your de stress and take care of yourself!? 

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