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How We Saved Over $1000 a Year!

We got rid of cable.. Heres the thing, we had direct tv for many many years. They were great to us but over in time they changed their pricing and packages… To the point that the prices weren’t going to do any good for me.. I want willing to spend over $100 on cable… It would of been $122… After 6-7 years of being with them Id hope we could at least get a better deal than that? We were only spending $80 a month on JUST cable. It wasn’t worth it to me anymore. Thats over $1000/year… for what?

So we cancelled it. Then my anxiety kicked in, I go OH crap how is Antonio going to watch mickey? How can I watch ncis? So we of course improvised. But the thing about it was that we kept hearing about sling, it was seriously the first thing we got AFTER we cancelled cable. We already have Netflix, iTunes, Hulu, etc. So we had many options but none of them had Disney of course.. Spoiled kid, right?

So we jumped on the wagon to get sling. It was AMAZING.. The interface was amazing, so much easier to manage and even cheaper than cable. We literally are paying 1/3 of what we paid for cable!! We have the shows we want and we managed to be happy. It is internet and cloud based, but that doesn’t bother me because direct tv wouldn’t work when storms kicked in, so this wasn’t any different.

I know so many people willl benefit from sling, so go jump on the wagon. Once we got our sling set up we invested in getting a Roku (enter link). We also got (enter link).

I encourage you to get it – you can get 7 FREE days.. Aren’t friends awesome? Your friend just referred you to get $5 off your first 3 months of Sling TV – the only live TV service that gives you the choice and control of a customized TV Experience.


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  1. I was just talking about this to my husband the other day! I’ve been wanting to get rid of cable for a while, but I just haven’t been able to take the leap! I think I’m going to do it and give Sling a try!

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