IEP Progress Report Are A Must

As a special needs mama, it is always so important to keep in touch with my son’s school. I like to know the good, bad, and the ugly. I talk daily with his teachers and staff about his progress. 

However, sometimes there are times when things do not go as well as we had hoped and it can cause some issues both in school and in person. When a teacher voices that something is off I often like to collect data, and talk with peers, and doctors. 

Here are some questions you can ask: 

  • Is he still making progress? 
  • How often is he doing this behavior? 
  • What happened right before this? 
  • How long does he sit still? 
  • Does have a sensory diet? 
  • Are there peers who are doing something similar and he is doing it as a reflection? 
  • What are you doing to stop a behavior? 
  • Is it interfering with his school work or his peers?

If it gets to the point, where it is ongoing I like to sit down and talk with the teachers and any admin staff. I ask for their support and put together a plan of action for school and home. 

I am also discussing the possibility of having outside support such as speech and additional therapy. Know that no one is perfect and kids can’t have great days every day. However, if there are patterns each day and it isn’t getting fixed, then it is time to look at solutions. 

I am looking into outside-of-school speech therapy simply so that we can work more on receptive language. Now that he is finally talking, I am looking to expand his communication further. I am looking forward to this next step and journey.

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