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It is Okay to Cry

I wish more people would understand this. I feel like people are ashamed to cry or think it’s a sign of weakness it’s not. Emotions are real and if you don’t release them then you won’t be happy. You won’t be happy with yourself. It’s really that simple.  

Its okay to say sorry. I think people are afraid of being wrong. I don’t mind being wrong at all. I don’t mind apologizing when I was wrong. I think this is another thing that the world needs more of. If I do not let out my crying, I end up having a panic attack because I have all these emotions built up that cant be released.  

Why don’t more people understand and get that? Going through this divorce I did both of these things and I gained how to move forward. I realized that I needed to do both for my son. I want him to grow up knowing it’s okay to cry and say his sorry. It’s not a sign  of weakness and no one will make fun of you. 

I’ll tell you a quick story. When I know a divorce was coming I fought to try to stop it. I went to church and literally cried the whole time because everything made sense to me! So with that being said, I went out to breaksfat with some friends afterwards. I ordered sausage and gravy because I don’t have it enough!!I miss it in Nashville. One girl ordered steak and eggs and wanted medium rare. I bawled my eyes. I couldn’t hold it together. I had realized how much a best friend affects you. It was his favorite food, steak. I cried most of the breakfast. The girls didn’t know the whole story but they said “it’s brave of you to cry here we have all been through stuff we respect you and will pray for you.” I cried even harder knowing that I wasn’t embarrassing them and that they weren’t even asking questions. 

I didn’t care if people stared. I didn’t care that my make up was a mess. I didn’t care about any of it because If I didn’t let it out I would of had to leave or have a panic attack or both. I knew that I had good friends by my side and made it all better. 

So cry more and apologize more. We need more of it. And uplift someone when they are having a hard time.   


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  1. Crying is so underrated.
    We are taught we shouldn´t cry because it does nothing to improve the situation we´re in but the way I see it, crying cleans our eyes and clears our vision.
    I´m glad you found friends that were willing to be supportive and non-judgmental about your moment.
    You´re a brave girl!

  2. That is so true. I definitely don’t like to cry because I feel like people will perceive me as weak. But I know that’s ok. It’s ok to be vulnerable. That’s what makes us humans. And sometimes, you just need a good cry, even if you don’t have the emotions for it. There was a period of time when I just needed a good cry, so I would watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition so I could let it all out!

  3. I love this post! I’ve constantly been told “stop crying” or “why are you crying?” but sometimes it just helps SO much. I’m a super emotional person and crying can be so cleansing. You’re right though, we shouldn’t be afraid of crying when we need to! <3

  4. I am glad you are voicing this subject. I, too believe that it is okay to cry. It is alright to feel down. But do not stay down. We got to rise above so we can move on and live life.

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