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Every female LOVES jewelry. I mean seriously.. I can’t ever have enough of it!! I love getting jewelry that will match my outfit and my style. I like to step outside of the box a little bit and mix things up.  I love neutral colors such as nude, tan, creme, browns, etc. It fits my personality so well! When I saw this earrings and necklaces set I knew that I had to get it!!


I was so happy when I found Paparazzi, the best part abut this company is that it is all $5, you heard me FIVE DOLLARS. you can get so much jewelry for the cost of one item at any retail store..


As a working at home mama I hardly ever step outside the house, but I have made a promise to myself that I would take care of myself and allow myself to look and feel good. I love some dangling earrings, like aren’t these the freaking cutest?!!?!


Okay, wait check them out again.. I LOVE them and they go with this brand new necklace I purchased from Leslie too!!


I just love earrings and ones that dangle.. So these are a must. I LOVE black its so casual and can go with just about any color or pattern. All of these items are perfect for the upcoming events in your lives.

I always love wearing my gold jewelry, but every now and then I need to accessory and change things up a lot so this is perfect for those times.

Make sure to check out the links listed below because you will want to get your shopping on for FIVE DOLLARS!!!

You can also set up a facebook party that last about an hour. Leslie also has opportunities for women to start their own business too if you are interested in learning more about that send her a Facebook message!!!

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