Learning is fun with the right tools

Ever since Antonio has been diagnosed with autism I am constantly doing research and trying to find things to help with us. It is hard to get him to have fun and learn all at the same time. I mean learning shouldn’t be boring.. right? It shouldn’t have to be a chore and I shouldn’t to constantly think about activities to do with him to help him grow.


That is why I was so glad to find M is for Monster! It is the perfect thing that I needed for Antonio. Each month it covers different themes or topics. It covers letter recognition, fine motor skills, number recognition and so much more.


I love how everything I need is included in the box. I don’t have to be running around trying to find the crafts needed such as glue, markets, crayons, etc. IT IS ALL INCLUDED FOR ONE PRICE!! You can get these boxes monthly, or however often, but I really love having them monthly so that I don’t have to worry about it. One of the things most parents pride themselves in is making sure their little one is constantly learning and experiencing new things. But that takes time. Time most of us don’t have.It takes hours to plan out activities to do with your child to help them learn and have fun at the same. You have to go shopping for the supplies, always having to buy more than needed. And then you have to prepare and set up for the activities. Ugh. So exhausting.


How does this help with autism? Well just the simple fact that there are fine motor activities helps Antonio a lot. He loves the quiet ended stuff.. meaning the stuff that is simple and easy to do on his own. He can’t color on his own but anything that has cars is super fun!!! PLUS.. the best part is that he loves to read and you can get books included in your box!


So what are you wanting for? Order your kit today and see how excited you AND your child get when they receive their M is for Monster box in the mail! Or find out more info here. 

Happy learning!

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