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Are you a blogger looking to make additional money? I love affiliate marketing and use many many programs for this. My current favorite one is Brand Cycle. There are a lot of large brand names that they work with. They even provide you most of the times with custom content that you can just plug right in on your website so there isn’t extra w ork for you!!


BrandCycle helps improve the quality and productivity of retailer-publisher relationships in the affiliate marketing industry by providing the technology and services to strategically connect lifecycle retailers on a performance basis with high quality content and influencer partners in the mom, family, baby, home, wedding, baby boomer, decor and style space.

BrandCycle works with a network of handpicked lifecycle publishers in the Mom & Family, Wedding, Style, Health & Wellness, Baby Boomer and Green verticals, connecting these publishers with top brands and retailers. We create exclusive campaigns and custom strategy that’s tailor-made for your individual needs.

You can generate revenue from your website, blog and social media channels and BrandCycle’s experts can show you how. Apply to BrandCycle for direct access to great retailers through an easy to use, proprietary interface that cuts out the hassle for logging into multiple networks at once.

They have proprietary technology, which is not available through the traditional affiliate networks, allows BrandCycle to deliver content and campaigns to publishers and affiliates in a more streamlined, user-friendly way.



  • Make money and create links right from a retailer’s site
  • Access deals and content with a single click
  • Reporting included — no need to log in
  • Product deep linking
  • Easy CMS (content management system) and social media integration



  • Centralized login
  • Access to all retail partners across all networks
  • Sample content and exclusives



  • Access best seller lists to know what products are trending and which have the highest conversion
  • Find the right partners based on content you want



  • Your stats, easy to read
  • Key Performance Indicators that are important to you
  • Ability to customize your dashboard to see your most important statistics

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    1. It all really just depends! I don’t have a super crazy amount for an audience, but I make some money off affiliate. I plan on making more and reaching much more of an audience soon. I think you can be successful no matter what!

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