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Make Easy Money From Grocery Shopping

Did you know that you can make money back from buying your groceries?? UM yes, in fact, there are several ways to get money back from your groceries right from your phone.  But the one that I currently love is Check out 51.

There are Five Easy Steps for you to make money. It is super easy I promise.

  1. Download the app You can download the app for free in the App Store and Play Store. Create an account to start saving!
  2. Browse and buy. Every Thursday morning your list updates with new offers. Pick the offers you like and purchase them at any store
  3. Upload your receipt: Use the app to take clear, readable photos of your receipt.
  4. Select your claims: After photographing your sales slip, check off the items you purchased and indicate how many times you’re claiming each offer. This step tells our system what to look for to be redeemed
  5. Earn Cash Back: When the app processes your items, they credit your account with Cash Back. When your account reaches $20, you can request a check!

BAM that is super easy! Make that money back from your everyday groceries.
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  1. My SIL was just telling me about this app. Sounds so easy to use and worth the extra effort. Definitley need to try it out!

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