Make Money: Affiliate Marketing Share A Sale!

Do you have a blog? Are you interested in making money off a blog? Making money off a blog is not easy, just like anything. That’s the truth. There are so many ways your blog can make money though. Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to make money!


Basically, you post companies banners on your website (based on your audience). Once they make a purchase (or click on a link) you make a percentage. It is a GREAT way for bloggers to make money especially when you have a lot of traffic on your blog.

Share a sale is the perfect way to make extra income! It is the first affiliate program I ever joined and still to this day is the best. I have several affiliate marketing programs I use, but this one seems to have the best programs.


Some of the companies they have, and we work with are, mod cloth, dress lily, check out 51, belly armor, zazzle, shutter fly, tiny prints, creative live, emily ley and so much more!! Sign up today and get started making some money!

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