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Being a mother is exhausting, we all know that. But being a mother and working full-time is even more challenging. I know, I’ve done both and I have good friends that still work full-time and run a family.



After years of searching for something flexible and something that allowed me to work from home I stumbled across a billion dollar, virtual business that met all my requirements. A friend introduced me to this global business and I saw the opportunity for what it was. We are located in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and soon-to-follow Asia. It has the potential to grow exponentially if you just follow the system and believe. I eventually quit my former job and started to focus on my family and my new business. I have three young girls at home so having me stay with the kids was very important to our family life.


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We aren’t a stereotype
Not everybody in this business is cookie-cutter. There is a wide variety of women– and men– that come from all different backgrounds, ages, and stories. Some women are doing this to supplement their income and some just need a change of scenery. I’ve seen professions such as
actresses, ministers, kindergarten teachers, infectious disease doctors, radio hosts, marketing managers, lawyers, pharmacists, and nurse practitioners excel at this business. Direct selling is not what it used to be and having a virtual business that you can control is totally the new gig that is here to stay.
Early in our history, Estée Lauder bought the brand and sold it in department stores. But it didn’t exactly fly off of the backlit shelves.We realized that buying habits were changing and products were selling by word-of-mouth much faster. Think of this as being a personal shopper, who doesn’t want one of those in their back pocket? We don’t stock inventory and aren’t required to book parties. It’s really as flexible as you are.
Create your own future

Compared with starting your own business alone, the overhead and start-up costs in this virtual business are extremely low. First you purchase a kit between $45-995; this includes a variety of business tools and product. The only overhead you’ll see is a monthly website cost of $24.95 and a product expense of at least $80. Compared to any other at-home business this is inexpensive. No other fees! No stocking inventory! What’s also great is that you have the ability to write off expenses that pertain to your business. Of course it’s always best to check with an accountant, but there are a lot of possibilities such as computer, software, phone, cable, miles, and more.



If you are looking for something different or just need a flexible part-time job then send me your questions! I’m happy to help you brainstorm or tell you more about this global gig. The tools for this business are already created! You just need to be motivated and coachable. If you can manage to bring those qualities to the table, then the ocean can be yours.


Erika LaPean
Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant

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