Make Money on Groceries: Checkout51

Let’s talk saving money and making money! Apps are so easy and fun to have, I have so many that help me make money AND save money at the same time. How does that even happen?

My current favorite making money app is Checkout 51. Basically you look at the offers in their app before you go shopping, then upload a receipt and make money. Once you reach $20 you can go ahead and collect a check. It’s really THAT simple.

The key to ANY app program like this is to make sure that you purchase goods based off your grocery list, otherwise you really aren’t saving, or making money. They change their offers weekly and you can get notifications for when there are new offers, its so easy. I am telling you that I LOVE It.


I have already made $40 within the first 6 months, and now I am going in full force to really focus on all my saving apps and share them with you. I would love for you to join and use my affiliate link ( all my views on this blog post are 100% coming from my heart and soul!).

It almost seems foolish that you aren’t using it yet! So RUN on over to their website and sign up for it today and let’s start making money together! Purchase your groceries, apply them to the receipt purchase, and upload the receipt it’s perfect! You’re welcome!


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  1. I use Checkout51, Ibotta, and SavingStar! It takes me awhile with Checkout51 because I don’t tend to buy a lot of what they offer. I have somewhere around $70 sitting in my account but it’s taken over a year, maybe two. It’s still $70 and I still use the app every single week!

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