Make Money: Publish a Book

Often times it passes peoples mind that you can make money by making a book? YES you totally can. The book doesn’t need to be anything crazy either. If you are a photographer you can sell a book of your images, it’s simple and easy.

Even if you just want to publish a book that is a novel that is awesome too!! There are plenty of bloggers/writers who have published plenty of self-publishing books!

You can sell an ebook RIGHT online without having any inventory!! Our favorite website to use for this is called Blurb. Though there are many other websites that do similar publishing.

You can in fact sell your books right online, too, using shopify. Click here to set up your shopify store.   You will be able to set up your purchases, downloads, and so much more. Don’t forget to install the Digital Downloads app

If you are already selling online and want something more physical, then go for it!

If you choose to sell physical copies of your books, you’ll just need to place an order with Blurb or CreateSpace whenever your work is purchased. They’ll custom print your book and handle the entire storage and fulfillment process.

Why Publish a Book?

  • Printing, storage, and delivery is taken care of thanks to services like Blurb. It’s perfect for you to make extra money without spending tons of money!
  • What’s the point of writing if there’s no one to read it? Self-publishing is the quickest way to get your books into the hands of potential readers.
  • Creative writing is your passion and you deserve to be able to make money while doing something you enjoy.

Ready to live out your dream of publishing a book??? Get to it and visit Shopify now!

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