Make money with rewards cards.

There are so many wonderful shops that have rewards cards. Rewards cards are a great way to make money and save money, you just have to know which ones are the best! We put together a list of shops for you that have rewards cards and know that you will love.

  1. CVS rewards: There are so many great ways that CVS provides you with rewards such as coupons mailed to you, coupons emailed to you, weekly deals and their circular, and even manufacturer coupons. Most of the time they beat so many great prices and you can get FREE money on your card for specific items. I love how in their ad it shows you the coupon to use so that you can get the best price possible!
  2. Local Grocery Stores: Our local grocery store that we use is Giant Eagle. They have fuel points, and so much more! I make sure to always use my card especially when it comes to the pharmacy!
  3. Starbucks: everyone loves Starbucks and some Coffee right?! It’s crazy to not sign up for rewards from them just because it adds up! If you are there a lot then you might as well get the most out of it!
  4.  Dunkin Donuts Rewards Card and App: It provides you with specials that are being offered. If you go there often you will get plenty of sales and freebies!
  5. Other Retails Stores such as Ikea, Kohls, Big Lots, Staples, Panera Bread, Sears, etc.

Where do you get rewards from?? Make sure that you sign up for your favorite shops emails so that way you can get promos and free stuff!

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