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Meal Prep – Pasta!

Every once in a while we try to plan ahead with meals and do some serious cooking. A few weeks ago we had my mother in law in town and we decided to make gnocchi homemade with some Italian cookies! Plus homemade red sauce. UM yes to all of that!! My son loves some pasta so this was like a double win for us!

It’s times like this where meal prep is easier than ever. Double that recipe and freeze it! It’s so easy to do and will save you time. You don’t even have to cook the gnocchi before freezing it. When you want to eat it next time just pull it out and cook it. It’s super easy! You can add in some sausage or meatballs and garlic bread! It will literally save you time and a half, plus you will be able to eat healthy without any processed food!


So the best part about this as well is that we have homemade sauce! We literally filled up 3-4 cans after using some for our dinner. Freeze those and re use them whenever you are ready for your gnocchi or next pasta dinner! We all know how much pasta sauce can really be so this is a huge saving for us pasta lovers!

Side note.. we save the glass pasta sauce cans.: they come in handy for times like these! It’s perfect for these times!  Win – win all around!

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