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My Favorite Shoes for the Season

It shoe season!!! Is that even a thing? Well I am making it a thing! I love shoes and always will. I can’t have enough shoes, especially boots. Come winter. I always need to get like three new pairs every winter to fulfill my obsession with shoes.. and these are my favorites!!

Plus… Christmas is just around the corner, so add it to your list!!

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  1. I don’t personally ever wear heels but these boots are so adorable. I especially have a love for the black, thigh-high ones. Not that I’d ever find ones that fit with my thighs hehe.

    How do you like the open toed boots? I’ve never tried them!

  2. I like to wear boots however, not the ones with heels. I usually go for boots that only have 1.5 inch heels at the most. The Black Contrast Round Toe Rubber Sole Sneakers are my favorite in this list.

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