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Parenting is Scary and it Doesn’t Get Easier

They say having a kid changes your whole life and we can never prepare for parenthood. We can raise our kids to be the best or the smartest, but the truth is that once they grow up, they are out of our hands.

My son is only three years old, but I worry about everything. Lately, I couldn’t help but wonder what will come about when he is a teenager or even an adult. Will he understand all the situations he encounters? It is a tough world out there and we try so hard to make sure that they are prepared the best.

How do we prevent our kid from danger or wrong decisions? How do we let them learn and be the best? How do we explain all the rights and wrongs? How do we instruct them on dangerous aspects? How do we teach them about sex? I mean, let’s be honest.

All these questions run through my head. Though we have enough time before we have to worry about these topics, I want to be prepared as a parent when the time comes. I know one thing, being a parent means we go with the flow and surprise ourselves a lot because we know more than we think we do!

Truthfully, we as parents can only do our best. Once our children become adults, we hope that we have taught them everything they need to know to be successful when out on their own in the big, wide world.

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  1. Yes, all we can do is prepare our children the best way we know how. As an empty nester I must say I worried about way too much when our children were younger. They understand life way more then we give children credit for. I am so happy to hear from them that we did a great job parenting them.

  2. My daughter is 8 and I always question myself whether I am parenting right or wrong. Seems to be working but I have no idea what she will be like as a teenager. Scary to think about her growing up!

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