Planning a One Year’s Birthday

I started to do a google search of what to get Antonio for his first birthday.. I bet you couldnt believe that I couldn’t find anything. It was kind of frustrating and surprising. I thought I would find endless possibilities. The thing is I had NO clue what to get my son, he’s one. He’s somewhat independent and already has so much. So I was confused on what to even consider to get.

I had to use my imagination and think realistically about what he needs. I don’t want him to have a million toys that he wont ever use or will outgrow so quickly. I know thats hard to think about, but we have so much stuff from the shower that we have NEVER ever used yet. It makes me wonder about it. I have a ton of books already too that we haven’t even used! As he gets older it will be perfect for him to have but until then, they just sit in the closet and collect dust.

There’s always the option for clothes or money. Both of those are pretty much what some people give… Nothing is wrong with either of those ideas. I find that you can’t be too picky when others want to get my babe a gift, hopefully they always allow for gift receipts just because you can return or exchange as needed.

There was this one time that it was my friends birthday party and we kept asking her what to get him and her response was “toys” If you aren’t specific or don’t give different ideas to others you might end up with the same gifts.. True story THREE people ended up getting one of those rolling toys that he can sit or push along with him. I have NEVER seen three people get the SAME gift. So to avoid that I am providing you guys with some awesome, fun, realistic gift ideas for a first birthday!

FIRST  Birthday MUST haves… 

Cute Outfits 

Cuddle Sleep Dream:

Okay lets talk about HOW freakin adorable this is?! My goodness. il_570xN.1005832973_6mve

I always like to size up since kids are constantly growing! We currently don’t really have any fall long sleeve clothes that is 18 months, so I thought this would be the perfect idea!

Gentry CA. 

I am in LOVE with these shorts for the babes. Summer isn’t ending just yet so hurry on over there and get your babe in these shorts! I am in SO in love with these little boy shorts, GAH. No lie!


Blue Envelope: 

I mean who doesn’t love a little learning tee!? I love how it has the letter and something that represents it. So perfect.


Bright side Blooms:

Who ever says you can’t dress boys up is wrong.. SO wrong.. I mean you just have to be a little creative and have a little fun. I LOVE this hat.. It’s perfect for any time of the year! Sometimes Antonio will keep it on, other times well he throws in it in the pool but regardless.. I love it.


Blossom & Bloom Kids:

With the cooler weather coming, we need a beanie or two! It’s a perfect time to prepare for this by getting it now especially for $10, that is a great price.


Holley & Sage: 

I wish I saw this 4th of July romper like months ago. I would of totally rocked Antonio out in it, but hey.. I still WANT this it’s super cute!

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 3.06.39 PM

Coloring Books 


It’s never too early to start to teach him how to color and even paint! I am an artist, so this is a huge part of my life. I hope he can enjoy it.



Of course this is a given. What kid doesnt love toys? We already have plenty as it is, however, I am all about some great learning toys. Vtec is my favorite brand for this learning and development.

Feeding Accessories:: Now that he is eating and eating so independent  we are needing plates, cups, more sippy cups, etc. I mean he doesnt use a fork or spoon he just uses his hands and gets it all in his hair but its nice to have the plates/bowls. We are fading out of bottles, too so more soppy cups is HUGE!

Area Creations: 

I am SO in love with this matching bowl and plate set. It is fully customized and perfect for Antonio. They even have placemats (I HATE not having one near by when he has all his food near by).


Craft Studiod :

We are constantly on the go so we are always looking for fun cute stuff. I am in love with these portable dish sets (sandwich container and straw set). I mean really, the sandwich container can store anything…. besides sandwiches!


Money:: Thats pretty self explanatory! I mean who doesnt love money? The thing is that this money goes right into Antonios bank account. That’s all there is to it. It’s smart to have one and let it collect over time. Make sure that you put in the bank account right away and don’t try to spend it. You will be thanked later on.

Bibs:: Olina & Olina 

I wish I found this shop before Antonio was born they have such adorable modern fresh baby stuff! I am in LOVE and kick myself for not finding it earlier. I LOVE LOVE this set of bibs and its perfect for the fall. The colors, the patterns everything. I REALLY do still use bibs on Antonio and try to not get THAT messy!

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 9.01.17 AM.png

Teething Necklace/Accessories:: Baybee Boutique  I am kinda in LOVEEE with these.  I love being able to wear them and be stylish while he chews on them. Its kinda a given. It works out for both of us to be happy 😉  I like sticking to the neutral colors just because it usually works out better with my outfits, but hey you don’t have to.


They also have but little teething rings for your babe because honestly at this point we are teething ALL the time!



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