Potty Training With An Autistic Kid

My goal is to get Antonio potty trained like ASAP. We have been working on this forever! He is doing well, he will go pee but wont ever go poop on the toilet. It is incredibly hard to get him on track for this since he is behind and can’t really talk. 

I literally have to put him on his toilet every so often. He understands the concept of going and will go, but how can we get him to go by himself and communicate this better? We aren’t consistent, and that is the hardest thing with an autistic kid.


The thing about having an autistic kid is to make sure that you are over happy. Always let him see that you are happy and encouraging. So whenever he goes I scream good job and push his button “hip hip hooray” and he literally lights up the room!! Be his number one cheerleader!

For the most part, he will go pee whenever I put him on there; we just need to work now on going poop on the toilet! It has taken a few months of practicing but we will get there! Here are some quick tips for helping train your autistic kid to be potty trained:

  1. Go on the toilet every 20-30 minutes. Autistic kid or not, you have to keep up on this. Until they know that they have to go and will communicate, this is a must. You have to make sure that you get them in time before they go in their diaper.
  2. Allow him to walk in the bathroom on his own. I do this a lot with him. I say do you want to go potty, and take his hand, into the bathroom. He gets excited!
  3. Communicate by saying “potty” “pee” Since he is autistic he can only understand so much at one time or another, so I use small words and gestures for this.
  4. Let him have a treat if he goes. I don’t always allow a treat, but I do when he hasn’t gone all day or when it is poop.
  5. Let him bring a toy/book to read while going. This is his newest obsession! He loves loves taking a book in the bathroom and reading it while he goes; even just for pee!
  6. if he misses, oh well! Don’t worry about the fact that he made a mess or didnt make it in, just be excited for him and clean it up later.
  7. increase fluids. By increasing this you will be able to put him on the toilet more often and monitor it.

What are some of your successful potty tips? We are in the works of really trying to get out of diapers, because after all who really likes being in diapers anyway? 

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