Produce Food 101

Let’s face it, since we have a new house and a new chapter to our life we have been extra frugal. I know that our cupboards are empty and wonder how food goes SO quick, do you get that way?!

I am constantly thinking and running to the store to finding ways to shop better and still be able to eat healthy! Produce is one of those things that you can’t ever go wrong with. We are always buying tons of this since it can be used with a meal, or even for a snack. 

The problem is that sometimes you can pick bad items (they go bad or are bruised). Here are some tips for how to pick the right produce:

  1. Make sure that Apples are shiny and firm
  2. Choose Bananas that are bright in color, never get ones that have been opened
  3. Pick Blueberries that are blue in color
  4. Ripe Watermelon should have a yellow spot on where it sat on the ground
  5. Pick Strawberries that are rich in red color and have a rich green stem
  6. Pick Pears that are free of bruises
  7. Peaches should be slightly firm but soft to touch as well as rich in color.
  8. Make sure Oranges have a firm feel to them.

Also, when picking produce you can save money. WHAT!? How? Well you have to be really smart and on top of it. Just like the rest of our frugal needs we compare grocery ads with how much an item is at one store versus the other store! We have to do this – you wouldn’t believe how much cheaper things are! Furthermore, you wouldn’t believe how much prices change week to week! So you have really have to make sure that it is cost effective for all of you.

Do you buy organic or not?? Organic is going to cost more, face it. However, it will last longer which in turn can save you money. If you are buying organic you can usually find items that are already pre packaged too so that way you aren’t buying by the pound and it is a flat rate fee.

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