Shop Around, till you drop

I have to tell you a little story. We shop around to find the best deals but also who can get the goods to us the quickest. We were heading out to start our moving trip and we needed a roof top carrier for our SUV. We found them online but the problem was getting it to our house in time before we left.

No one could get it to us before we were leaving. We tried local yard sales, online stores, and so many endless options. It literally took us TWO online hours, y’all to find it. We finally found it.. online… BUT the catch was that we could pick it up! Oh my gosh so not only did we get to get it for the best price and then get to pick up tomorrow, we also got free shipping… Right. I mean searching for TWO hours online paid off.

The biggest problem we had was that we couldn’t get it in time. We didnt mind paying extra for the shipping in time, but NO ONE could even offer that. We didnt want to give up.

Make sure to always Shop Around.  Know what you want before you buy it. Research what the average price is, if they price match, or are on sale. This is HUGE. Most stores will price match, so make sure that you are prepared if they do. Even if you aren’t price shopping, know what you are buying and the features. Salesman can be VERY tricky, and leave you disappointed sometimes.


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