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Houzz has a wide selection of the latest gadgets to keep your kitchen running smoothly.

Here are a few of our favorite finds we couldn’t live without.

Bamboo Cutting Board with Tray 

Keep the fruits and veggies you slice and dice on the counter (and not on the floor) with this innovative cutting board. Its convenient sliding tray collects food and allows for easy transference from the cutting board onto your pot, pan, or plate.


Herb Scissors

Cutting fresh herbs just got a whole lot easier with these multi-blade herb scissors. Fresh herbs are cut five times more quickly with this tool, so no more pulling at your plants with the risk of disrupting their pots.


Salad Spinner

Wet, soggy produce is a thing of the past with this salad spinner. Spin and clean lettuce, vegetables, and fruit in a snap with minimal effort.



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  1. I really wish I was more experienced in the kitchen. I still follow recipes unlike my late grandmother! The gadgets shown here look awesome!

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