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Shop Smart This Holiday Season

How much money do you spend over the holidays? A LOT, right? I know we all try to be frugal, and yet we want to give good gifts. But there are many considerations to prevent you from breaking your bank. Trust me on this.

Here are my top things for frugal holiday shopping.

  1. Make a List

You need a list that has the person’s name with gift ideas and how much you want to spend. Stick to your list and shop around.

  1. Set a Budget

This step is one of the first items that I do. I create a budget per person, and then keep up with what that person wants so that I can look out for any sales or deals within a specific cost constraint.

  1. Research Online Deals

Use online resources to your advantage. Retailer websites, apps, and social media contacts, along with sites that track deals give you plenty of avenues to find great bargains. Search in the comfort of your own home without having to brave the winter weather (or a few thousand of your fellow consumers).

  1. Consider Homemade Presents

This element is something fun as long as you have the time and energy to follow through. Sometimes something as simple as a crocheted gift can be great, or even hand-crafted jewelry.

  1. Buy Previous Models of Electronics

You do not need the newest item. Save your money and purchase last year’s model. Retailers are always offering deals on the previous version to clear space for the new generations. Will your gift recipient really care if they receive the previous model? Think about it before you go ahead.

  1. Wait for Post-Holiday Clearance Sales

One of the biggest steps that I take! I stock up at the end of the holiday season with small stocking stuffers for Christmas and wait for the post-holiday steals! You don’t even need to be picky here.

  1. Start Earlier

I am a huge believer for getting ahead of the game. I always shop when I can. People always want items, but sometimes it’s nice to get something fun and different. I pick up gifts throughout the year so that I don’t have to worry about doing it all at once.

Have a great time and save money where you can. It is possible, and you can enjoy yourself despite spending this holiday season.
Shop Smart This Holiday Season


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  1. I love to start shopping early! My mom always asks for the same Victoria’s Secret lotion & perfume every year, so when I notice it on an awesome sale I’ll grab it and keep it until Christmas! I’ve had her gift since June I think, lol!

  2. Starting early is my favorite tip! I started Christmas shopping for my husband and son in…June, maybe? I used to get the best deals on black friday, but now so many places have great clearance sales, there’s prime day, etc. So if you know what you want, shopping early is amazing. Plus I shop with kohl’s cash or rewards money from other purchases that we’d make anyway, so that we get (almost) free Christmas presentes!

  3. Great tips! This year my brother and I are going in on gifts for our parents and grandma- family photos. Our parents are divorced, but get along well. My dad and grandma live in a different state, but they’re coming over for thanksgiving. So we will get picture with dad and grandma, pictures with my mom, and pictures with everyone. Instead of my brother and I having to buy a gift for grandma, dad and mom, we are only paying for one, and splitting it!

    I’m also trying to buy one Christmas gift each time I grocery shop to cut down on the overwhelm of buying them all at once. 😁

  4. I definitely needed these tips to shop smart. I want to give good gifts, but don’t want to break the bank this year. Thank you for sharing!

  5. I love shopping early so that I can wait for good deals but I definitely need to look and make sure I’m sticking to my list. Thanks for the reminder!

  6. Great tips that I needed this holiday season, I am yet to start my Christmas shopping and I can use all the tips I can get on how to simplify the process and save money in the process. thanks for sharing.

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