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Should Parents Really Give In?

It doesn’t matter if your child has autism, like mine, or not, parenting is hard. It doesn’t matter if you only have one child or four; it is hard. I noticed how hard it has been to have an autistic son more so now than before. If you would asked me prior to kids what I would with an autistic son.. I would of looked at you like what is that? If you would of asked me years ago what being a mother was… I would say love and being there. But things change, people change.

That’s the truth people change. I know I have changed. When you become a mother you change in so many ways. I never would’ve imagine going gluten free. I never imagined going on antidepressants. Most of all I never would of imagined having an autistic son. But you know what? I changed. I grew up and realized so much! We all need to come together as parents and help each other out and stop comparing. Why is it natural to compare?

Let’s talk autism, though. We don’t use traditional ways of playing with my son because it doesn’t work for him. I am starting to see more of the toddler years in my son. He is ‘behind’ so his terrible twos are happening in his three’s. But at the same time we are working through these tantrums. Man, he doesn’t talk yet, but he can throw some serious tantrums. He tests me every day lately. It’s important to keep your cool and even keep your rules.

I realize we have to learn how to laugh more and give in a little more. So what if my son didn’t eat all of his dinner? So what if he wants a cookie for a snack? Does that make us bad parents? Not at all. It keeps us sane.

So, let the kid eat a little more today. Allow the kid to have fun and play on the iPad for a little longer.  He is only going to have these moments. This all too shall pass.

The next time you want to lose it, don’t because there is another mother who is right there laughing with you, trying to get through the day. Let go of the things that can be released.


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