Sick Baby Fun

Oh my goodness last week we had a sick baby. It’s hard being a mom and small business owner. You really have to learn how to manage it all. Even if you have help it still sucks.

I just don’t get when babies are sick they are miserable so are we. But there’s something about the baby. You don’t know how to care for baby other than cuddle. You know what they are going through but they can’t relate or talk because it’s new. It’s so frustrating for a mom. You know it sucks for them and they just want to feel better.

You go to the doctors and its normal like they just can’t put baby on medicine when theres nothing wrong?! It’s frustrating and Im thankful its nothing major, but I just want him to feel better!

Yeah we lose sleep and get extra sweet cuddles but really…,  I feel so hurt I wish there was more I could do. I don’t know about this whole new mom thing I just don’t. We learn and adjust but how!?

What are some your secrets to help a baby get better? We have him some tyenol but really I think it’s just one of things that will go away in time. Luckily he was still content, ate, and didn’t have a fever!


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