Smart Ways to Save Money!

We are in a constant battle of where our money is going and how to stop spending. My famous words are that its not about how much we make its about how we spend it. People can make millions and still not know how to manage their money and just in a financial burden; it doesnt matter.

I have to take a step back and re-evulate spending and budgets. We can be frugal and still have a good time. Often times people don’t want to go out because they don’t have the money, its all about how you budget it.

  • Let’s tackle this first topic.. you don’t need groceries. Now before you say uh we need to survive I am talking about about the excessive groceries. You know those that you buy on impulse or think you need. I constantly stock up on meat and there is no way we will ever eat it all. Plus sometimes there’s a good storm that comes by and causes us to lose power…. thus means losing money and food! Instead of purchasing all this processed food, why don’t you try making items? I know what you are thinking, uh I don’t have time. We are joining this journey of eating healthier food and eliminating processed food. Take off your list ice cream and make a smoothie instead with FRESH fruit. Take off that expensive cheese and get the cheaper cheese. Take off soda and try fruit drinks instead (add in lemon or limes, etc). Just because you eliminate these items doesnt mean you are going to starve. Trust me when I eliminate these items from grocery shopping I come home and think I hardly got anything.. Well.. the truth is that I didnt! I just eliminated processed food!
  • Set a budget for your groceries and stick to it! You have to! Otherwise it is pointless.. Shop around and find the better deals on certain items so that this way you can be sure that you have stuck to your budget. We like to have snacks, we do, but cut out the bad snacks like chips, cookies, etc. add in peanut butter and apples or rice cakes simple small things. If you like to bake you can always make cupcakes or bread! We like to make banana bread and freeze it!! We make about 4 loafs at a time so we take them out as needed.
  • Make a meal plan and pantry list. Always cook items at home. Use what you have!!! Do t buy things you won’t use simple as that! I tend to buy canned goods because it’s nice to have in stock but don’t over stock. Make a meal plan and prep for the week I promise you that your money will go to the right spot!!! Do it!!
  • Don’t go shopping every week.. you don’t need to! Go every two weeks. And go as needed for eggs, milk, bread, fresh veggies and fruits!! Why? Because if you have to think further ahead than two weeks you will be excessive and have wasted food.
  • Freeze left overs.. um thats your lunch in a few weeks or tomorrow.  Use left overs for meal prep! Eat the left overs!! You need to. You can even re create meals from your left overs… if you have chicken make a chicken ceasar from it!

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  1. “You know those that you buy on impulse or think you need.” Impulse buying, rather cutting down on it, is SUCH a money saver. I’ve noticed it personally. Stopping it takes self-discipline though, you have to be determined to say “NO I won’t”, and walk with and stick to a list.

  2. These are great tips. I really need to make a list at the grocery store and stick to it. I’m so bad at that and I don’t even want to think of how much I overspend each week.

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