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Antonio LOVES LOVES food!! He loves all things food and we love trying new things. We especially love Gerber Little Bits… They are super healthy for your babe and are so much fun to watch the reactions he makes for the different flavors.

Now that Antonio is old enough to eat solids, he loves to try to feed himself by taking the spoon out of my hand, and feeding himself. Most of the time he will get it everywhere, but in his mouth.. I have to fight him to get the spoon back in my hand so that way he can really enjoy the baby food.

It can be hard sometimes for him to eat his fruits and veggies. For whatever reason he will throw these items on the floor and wont eat them, so with these foods he is able to get the nutrients that needs in order to grow.


Gerber 3rd Foods Lil’ Bits has helped us both spend bonding time together! I have watched him accept a new kind of food that he wasn’t used to before. He is getting all the right nutrients that he needs and they are perfect for being on the go all the time! We absolutely love sharing this time together – he is learning how to self feed himself which is a huge milestone for a 13 month old baby! After every spoonful he would go “mmmm.” Which is his way of saying yummy!! We know that if he didnt like it, he would push it away!! We made our own recipe with Gerber Lil Bits.. (see down) 

We would love for you to check out the different kinds of Gerber 3rd Foods Lil’ Bits; there are so many great flavor options and your babe will love them:



1 cup of vanilla yogurt

Apple Banana Gerber Lil Bits

1 cup of Gerber Rice

Mix well, serve.

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