Start Planning for Holidays NOW

The holidays are coming and we all know what that means….. Gifts and money! If you haven’t started to save money, or shop for the holidays the time is now!

I mean if you are anything like me Christmas is stressful mainly because of how much money we spend! It’s crazy! From traveling home, to food, to gifts, to everything in between! Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas and love the family time but the money just goes right out the window! Here are a few quick ways to prep for the holidays!



  1. I set aside a budget for each thing that we will need for Christmas (decorations, baking needs, gifts, traveling, dinners).
  2. More importantly though, I search for sales.. And when I say sales I mean like really good sales. Not sales that people think are good. You have to be extremely careful for larger purchases around the holidays because companies tend to price them higher then lower them to lure into thinking you are getting a deal.
  3. Know which stores will price match! This is a great thing to think about and become aware about! If a store will price match and you like their warranty or exchange policy better than someone else go for them then!
  4. Lastly, with the holidays coming up make a list of people you have to purchase gifts for, how much you are spending on each person, and a list a of gift ideas for people. This will seriously help you stay on track, I promise! Check back once we get closer to the holidays for freebies and more tips!

For example: a 60 inch tv isn’t a good sale if it’s more than it usually is, then they drop it down in price for the holidays to make you THINK you are getting a deal. You have to be SMART! If you are buying a large purchase, make sure to look online at prices to see if it is over priced or if it is on point.

If it sounds like it is too good to be true, then it probably is. I rarely ever do any shopping on Black Friday mainly because I think that things are overpriced on that day! I find better deals throughout Sept/Oct/Nov + even online!  

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  1. Yes! Good tips. I always plan early and start shopping as soon as I see sales pop up. Crazy to think Christmas is less than 4 months away!

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