21 Autumn Activities to Add to your Bucket List

It seems like these days there aren’t a lot of kids who really enjoy the outdoors as much as they should. Technology has really become such a big deal to kids. My greatest childhood memories were spent outdoors exploring and playing.

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I LOVE going outside and doing seasonal activities, so I wanted to share some of them with you. These are some favorite things that I loved as a kid. I plan on doing them with Antonio this fall!

  1. Crave a pumpkin
  2. Have apple pie
  3. Hayride
  4. Rake leaves and jump in them
  5. Read a book
  6. Go hiking
  7. Go on a fall scavenger hunt
  8. Go on a picnic
  9. Go bird-watching
  10. Go on a walking tour
  11. Watch a movie
  12. Make a nature collection
  13. Go on a bike ride
  14. Visit a local farm
  15. Play football or another outdoor sport
  16. Go to the pumpkin patch
  17. Go apple picking
  18. Go Hide and Seek
  19. Play a Board Game
  20. Have Hot Chocolate
  21. Make Pumpkin Seeds

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Dream Beach!!

Planning a vacation to the beach can be fun, exciting, and stressful. The beach life is the best life, right? I seriously love going to the beach as often as I can. Typically we try to go to the beach at least once a year!


Image via http://www.instagram.com/jessparkesphotography

I love the sand in my toes and laying out on the sand! I am not a fan of going in the water except to cool off. I am kinda scared of water, haha! However, most of the time I can find my brothers and husband acting like little kids in the water and I enjoy watching them have the time of their life!

I like the girly things you know, tanning, eating, reading on my ipad, etc. A beach vacation isn’t complete for me though without some beautiful jewelry. Whenever I go to the beach I always plan on going out to dinner like every night, no lie. I glam up and go out! I accessory my outfits with the cutest, prettiest, and most adorable jewelry! After all that is what a vacation is all about, right?


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The best beach that I have ever been to is Bermuda! Oh my gosh, I seriously love and adore that place! It was the most peaceful beach ever. I loved walking along the beach and taking photographs of the little findings! I have a dream bucket beach list which is:

  • Bahamas (I went there once when I was little I’d LOVE to go again!)
  • Hawaii
  • Barbados
  • Costa Rica
  • Dominican Republic
  • Puerto Rico

Bermuda image via Norwegian Cruise Line



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Silver Sand dollar Necklace: http://reeserose.com/shop/silver-sand-dollar-necklace/

What is on your beach bucket list?