What’s Holding You Back? In Business Life..

We all face obstacles in life and experience some sort of negativity that brings us down. The other day, I started to think about being successful and what was really holding me back? What does “successful” even mean? What is holding you back from being successful?

Here are my thoughts about what held me back at one time:

  1. Time: There is never enough time. We can plan for things, but there will always be something else. How do I get work done when my son is sick? How do I get the floors cleaned when I have a deadline? How do I manage time for my client work? I use Trello as a way to track my time.
  2. Money: How many times have you said, “if only I had more money, I would do this.” Stop it. Either take a risk or wait, but the timing will never be right. Especially as a business owner.
  3. Clients: I’m not going to take on new clients that don’t pay me well. Truth bomb, you have to build them up. My clients haven’t happened because they started on thousand dollar contracts; no. It’s more along the lines of strategizing first. I have a great on board system and set up automation. 
  4. Overworked, underpaid – FIX IT:I will not cut myself short anymore, and I will make sure to charge what I need. I have to pay taxes, software, and so much more, so I need to make sure that I actually make a profit.

Successful is… being able to make changes and adapt. It’s being able to look forward and make the changes you need to make as a person. So many times, people think of success as having tons of money. While yes, that might be true, there is more to it than that. Manage your time better. STOP doing tasks that aren’t making money or can be pushed back for now.



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Business Motivation: How Can We Motivate Others

I am sick of hearing and seeing people put others down. Everyone always wants to be right but does it really matter? Didn’t your parents tell you, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all?” We are human, and we all have feelings. We all want to help and feel good about ourselves. I want you to compliment someone every day, and realize how awesome you feel.

I have managed to change my mindset on most days. There are some days when I have bad days and am in a bad mood. I am human, guys. But, even then, I try to be nice and make someone’s day better. You literally don’t know what someone is going through, so be kind to one another.

When I first started going through my transition in life (a divorce), I began to realize a lot of things including mindset. I’ve always had a positive go-get-‘em attitude, and I felt like I lost it for so long. I felt like I couldn’t be the person that I needed to be to achieve success. I am in charge of myself, and that’s the easy thing to say. I realized that I wasn’t happy; I couldn’t even allow others to feel good. I realized when people started to compliment me, I felt good and wanted to give back to them. See how that works?

Life happens, period. We let kids, spouses, family, friends, work, life, or whatever to get in the way. If you want to be successful, you have to be willing to grow, overcome, and change. This growth is where the mindset comes in. You have to take challenges and risks every day. You have to change “I have to” to “I get to.” For example, I used to say, “I have to get up this morning and do all this crap, and I don’t want to.” I then started to say, “I get to wake up this morning and help my clients, take care of my son, and be an independent woman.” Which one do you think worked better for me? By realizing I have a great morning to start with, it helped me start the day right.

Friends and family around me would uplift me by saying certain things and helping me change my mind. Your mind can be your worst enemy. Whenever you get those negative feelings or thoughts, block them out. But honestly, we all need to motivate and compliment one another more. It doesn’t matter who but let’s do it more. If we can give one compliment or saying a day to someone, we would live in a better world. Think about how much better the world could be.

Open up to someone, and realize that they might be able to help you or even listen to you. We all have a story, we are all human, and just want to live and feel good.

P.S. If you receive a compliment, say thank you and give a compliment to the next person.


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What is an entrepreneur? 

We live in a generation where everyone wants to be a business owner, or an entrepreneur. It takes a lot of time and dedication. It never happens over night regardless of what their sales funnel says. I feel like people throw around this word entrepreneur too much. It is one of those words that people just say it and have no clue what it means. People say it when they have a ton of businesses, but non are successful. 

Here’s some thoughts for you to ingest: 

Entrepreneur is a mindset, or a way of thinking; Entrepreneurs just think and do things differently.  They have real streams of income and are always looking for new opportunities.  It means that they know their industry inside out, and use that to exploit  to create new opportunities.  Being an entrepreneur can mean knowing the failures and growth that happens each day.  There are so many opportunities out there for people to start their own business and be successful. If you ask someone what it means, you are going to get a different answer each time. I encourage you to do this, so that you can understand it from a different perspective. 

Here are some ideas that entrepreneurs have: 

1.  Think ahead – Where do you want to be in  five to ten years?   Entrepreneurs are good at thinking and try to have a vision of the future.  They find ways to achieve those goals and put things into action. They are always two steps ahead of someone else, because they see the growth.

2. Working across disciplines – Think about the picture and the impact. Entrepreneurs see opportunities in many different ways and in ways that others might not see it.  The best part though is that they are able to implement it in order to achieve those future goals.

3. Develop transferrable skills – Think about the skills you have and how you can use them daily and differently. Entrepreneurs are very diverse; they are the developer, marketer, salesman and accountant for their idea/service. They know that before they can scale they need to do it their self.

4. Meeting people – Growing a network is critical. A business will not be successful if there is no network, thus no sales.  Just by meeting people and networking you can get sales, collaborations, friendships, and referrals. Never turn someone away or burn a bridge just because you never know.

5. Be in Charge  – Entrepreneurs are generally agile and adaptable. They work around issues and find ways to improve and make things better.  They know when it is time to hire out or let go and make changes. They are constantly evaluating things, to make sure that they are getting a bam for their buck!

6. Take a risk – Taking a risk is the single most important thing any entrepreneur needs to do.  If you do not take a risk, then you aren’t going to move forward. I remember when I hired my sales coach is was a huge risk and a huge investment but I realized it was well worth it.

There are so many traits to being an entrepreneur. It is more than having one business, or two, it’s having the traits to carry out and be successful. I am sure you all have heard the saying have ‘multiple streams of income.’ The only way you can do this though is if one is successful first.


** This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

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The Prettiest 2018 Planners, EVER!

It is hard to believe that it is already September and 2018 is just around the corner. Most businesses find that they need to start planning for the new year, can you believe that!? I know I am one of them and I am starting to plan goals for my new year.. With that being said, I am in LOVE with these perfect planners: Simpflied Planners by Emily Ley. 

Daily Simplfied Planner Gold Dot

The Simplified Planner is a beautiful, joyful agenda for busy women in all seasons of life. Designed minimally on purpose, its open pages serve as a fresh start every day. We believe margin matters, and our mission is to inspire women to organize, simplify, and carve white space for the good stuff of life.


Simplified Planner Schedule Tip

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Did I mention how FREAKIN adorable they are?!? Go get your shopping on so 2018 will be successful!!

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