Make Your Own Cornhole Boards and Save Money!

You know that paint that you have laying around that is just asking to be used? And all those random pieces of hardware? Oh, and the chalk you bought for a different project? Put them together and you can create your own perfect cornhole board for VERY cheap.

This adventure started when we were looking for cornhole boards to take on vacation. Would you believe people want $150 or more for one set! My husband Chris, was not having that, he thought he could make it for much less. So we started to research and realized that we could indeed make it ourselves and it would be MUCH less.


So here is our DIY story.

A lot of stores have precut sheets 2×4 foot, or you can buy 2×8 foot for your front and back pieces. You can find these at Lowes (we are in Lowes almost every single day).

You then will need to drill some holes. We actually borrowed a drill and saved money here, too. Then mark the center in a circle shape. Measure twice, to ensure sure that this is accurate and precise.


Once you have drilled the hole, you will want to sand the wood. If you’re using an electric sander, this can be really loud and dusty so make sure that no one is around, and that you have the garage or windows open. You could also use sand paper and do it by hand, it will just take longer.

Now you will want to add on legs for each pieces. You will need to secure them with bolts so that the legs will open and close for easy traveling.

Now comes the fun part, the part that I LOVE. The painting and decorating! The possibilities are endless. You could use paint that is laying around the house, or you can buy new colors. You can even make patterns. I personally love how we did this one and it is so simple. We also made sure that the paint would match the bags, as this is really important to us both.

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This project was so simple and easy. We have people asking us to make us cornhole boards every couple of weeks, so we started a little side hustle. We’ve been making these in our spare time and charging much less than retail stores!

We spent a total of $50 and brought the bean bags from amazon for $29! 

Did you make your own? Show us yours! Tag us #logicalliving

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