Frugal Home Improvements

With spring around the corner we all can’t help but get excited for home improvements or upgrades. I know we have tons on our mind of what we want to do! Set goals based on importance as well as budget. Don’t do something if it is outside of budget. If it is outside of budget for some reason but it needs to be done, then be frugal. Do what you can yourself and outsource the rest, or take your time since we know you are a busy mama.

The first thing we have decided to do is paint our doors. Currently all our indoor doors are wooden and it drives me nuts!!! It’s so outdated. We washed the doors down first then decided to paint them.  Face it too, doors aren’t cheap! My husband decided it was best to paint them white. After searching for the perfect white paint that would hold over we’ll enough, the doors became perfect!!


The second thing we did was get an estimate for our kitchen flooring. It is just outdated and needs to match our black splash. We knew that we weren’t going to pay double what it costs for the materials. All of our quotes came back WAY high so what did we do?? We had my husband do it on the weekend and have his buddies over… We offered to pay them in beer and pizza, it worked! We saved TONS of money this way.


The third thing we did was spring cleaning. This is kind of like a duh moment. This might not be frugal but we knew that we had to clean and we weren’t going to outsource this. We made sure to make a list of things that needed to be done. We have been living in the house for six months now and never really fully did a deep cleaning so we knew that this was a must. Here is a list of things that we decided to do for our ’spring’ cleaning.

—Clean the windows

—Clean behind furniture

—Wipe down the walls

—Paint the walls

—Wipe down the trim

—Wipe down all appliances

—Clean inside all appliances

—Deep clean vacuum

—Clean grout between tiles

—Dust everything everywhere

—Clean and flip the mattresses

—Clean out the trash cans (inside and outside)

—Dust Ceiling Fixtures

—Clean out inside cupboards


—Wash curtains and blinds

—Clean chairs

—Reorganize inside dressers

What are some things that you do for your annually spring cleaning or home improvements?

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Save Water And Save Money

I don’t know about y’all but I always feel like laundry is never ending!! Like how can 3 people go through so many outfits!?! We are on a new budget since we have a new house and let’s just say we are being extra frugal.

Water is a new concern of mine because for some reason we keep pay water plus sewer. The sewer bill mirrors the water so we have to watch every single penny.

Here’s a few ways to be frugal with water since we moved in:

  • Use water when necessary: Don’t overuse it! Use is excessively frugal. Don’t let it run if you are running into the other room and can’t monitor it.
  • Bottled water: Instead of having to fill up your cup with water (even out of the fridge) use bottled water. It isn’t THAT expensive to get bottled water.
  • Share bath time or water: If you have two kids, share the water with both of them. Or you can even add in a little extra hot water once one is done and re use their water so that way you are saving money.
  • Laundry:  Don’t wash every little thing, or wash one thing at a time! If you wore an outfit for 2 hiours it’s not dirty! I don’t know how many times I go through this a day with my husband! Make sure you have a full load before you do the laundry.
  • Jam pack your dishwasher: If you have a dish washer leave it do all the cleaning and only rinse dishes as needed. Make sure you add in as much as you can and try to limit it to washing one time a day!
  • Time yourself for shower time: I get how relaxing a fun a shower is (especially for moms who never get two seconds to theirself). but you HAVE to limit it,.. Only allow 10 minute showers, or whatever you want it to be.
  • Flushing the toilet:  Yes do this but don’t go to the bathroom every half hour instead allow time slots. Tell the kids that they get a potty break only every two hours, or whatever you want it to be.


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