Bulk Shopping

Let’s talk bulk shopping this week. Do you do it? Do you buy in bulk from Sams Club? We do! It is so much better and easier for us for certain things. You have to be smart when you go into the store and have control otherwise you will be like a little kid in a candy store!

I try to go to Sams Club on my own, without my husband, otherwise he can spend a lot of money! No but seriously Sams club is our savior. We go there bi-weekly for diapers, wipes, and formula. That alone is worth it. You can get more diapers and formula than any other supermarket, we did the comparison. You might find other ways and use coupons, it is just our preference. Lately the baby hasn’t been taking as many bottles as he used to so that cuts back on formula costs (it’s expensive y’all).

Besides for baby stuff we find that cleaning and pantry stuff is perfect to get there. So we buy a 24 pack of paper towel that is mega large and we seriously can wait 3-4 months before buying more! It is worth it for us. Same for toilet paper! These simple things save us from running to the grocery store, or getting them weekly!

We also get Clorox, Lysol, Pledge, and Air Fresheners. All of these items last about 4 months plus. I think we bought the three pack of Clorox wipes back in September and we are JUST now getting through the last of it. It seriously makes it so much easier. I make a list of the things that we need to pick up every three months at Sams, then bi weekly at Sams. I will be sharing that list on our blog soon, so you can have it for your needs!

How do you save money? Do you bulk shop?