With the right pieces, you can transform your home into the rustic, cozy farmhouse you’ve always envisioned. Bed Bath & Beyond’s home collection includes shabby chic accent items that look like what you’d find at a high-end department store, minus the high-end prices.

Here are a few of our favorite farmhouse decor pieces.

Safavieh Cambridge Emily Wool Rug  

This distressed wool rug features a Moroccan tile motif that adds a rustic bohemian vibe to your space. Simultaneously elegant and warm, this piece can easily go with any existing furniture and color scheme. Its plush wool design makes it ideal for chilly mornings.

Southern Enterprises Brevan Windmill Wall Clock

You can’t have a farmhouse without a rustic windmill wall clock. This 28.5” clock is the perfect statement piece in your gallery wall and adds an antique vibe to the space. Because it looks so authentic, guests can’t help but wonder where you got it.

Pulaski Dylan Country 2-Door Chest in White

Weathered wood is a must when achieving the farmhouse of your dreams. This 2-door chest embodies classic farmhouse style with its creamy antique finish and shell shaped handles. It makes a great storage unit for blankets, books, gadgets, and anything else in the living room.


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As the weather gets cooler, keep your home cozy and with a few design updates from Plow & Hearth. Plus, save $10 on orders $75+ with code LSBRANDC.

Here are a few of our favorite home decor items.

Jacobean Thermalogic Grommet-Top Curtains 

Made from 100% cotton with a rich, woven texture, these curtains are simultaneously energy efficient and stylish. Keep the cold air out and the warm air in with these curtains throughout the fall and winter months.


Logs Hearth Candle Holder

A cozy home wouldn’t be complete without candles. Dress up an unused fireplace with these log candles to emulate the look of real firewood without the work.


Oversized Bennington Plaid Throw 

Curl up on the couch with this classic oversized throw. Lightweight, soft, and warm, it’s perfect just for you, or for the kiddos to join you for a family movie night.




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DIY, Home Makeover Tips

You know that I am all about saving money and making money. We like to make sure that we are always smart about every single purchase especially larger items like home improvements.

We were able to fix up a lot of things in our last house and still be frugal and doing it ourselves. We hired out as needed as well, but we know that it isn’t ideal for most and were very frugal about that still. Here are a few tips for any home improvements no matter how big or small the project is:

  1. Set a budget: This is kind of a duh moment. Make sure that you add extra money because you will need to add in some extra fees that you might not know you needed. When we did our kitchen floor we had to buy some extra tools, and boards, etc. So it was a little over $70 budget. Ideally set it to be 20% over what you estimated so that there isn’t any disappointment.
  2. Sketch: Know what you want before you go ahead and get started on it. When we built our playground set outside my husband had it laid out to a tee. He knew the exact dimensions for all things that he wanted. Even when we did the kitchen floor we measured things out so that we knew how much materials were needed. Things like this takes time in order to be on budget.
  3. Research: You aren’t the first one doing this project so go ahead and look around on the internet and get inspiration and ideas. Read other’s stories about how they did it and what they needed. This will help you get a better feel to make sure you are on the right track.
  4. Implement: Keep everything neat and organized. Remember the budget, the measurements, and sketches. Implement all of it. Know that you might screw up as well and might need to get new materials just because you ruined it. All of this is okay and normal, just keep chugging along and implement it.

Here are some of our favorite home improvement shops:

There are sometimes when it is best to hire someone out. Here are some tips on when to hire out:  
  1. You don’t have time: We were getting ready to sell our one house and we were literally on a time crunch. My husband couldn’t do the projects so we hired out. When we hired out we were very frugal and made sure to find the best.
  2. It is a larger project: For something that is larger and might require knowledge and assistance hire out. For example, re doing a bathroom completely (sink, flooring, knock out of walls, etc) this requires a lot more knowledge than the traditional person outside of the area might know.
  3. You have the money: Sometimes around tax season, etc you might have some extra money left over. This is a good time to spend some of it on a professional and get a project done.
  4. Seasonal: Sometimes in slower seasons you can get better deals!