Family time:: parents visiting is the BEST

This past week my parents came into town. It was such a great visit I guess time flies by and you never realize how much time flies by! I wish I could hold onto memories and cherish them forever. I never realized how fast time flew by until I had my own baby!

I had some of the greatest childhood memories the greatest and I sit here and wonder how Antonio will be! I love watching him grow grow each day. I see my parents feeding him and playing with him and wonder where has time gone!? It feels like yesterday I was the one being feed by my grandparents.


I see how emotional my mother gets every time Antonio does something new. I see how she cares for him and me at the same time. They both get so excited whenever Antonio does something new or old. HAHA! There is quite the stories when it comes to parenting. I now have a new bond between my parents because. My mom always tells me “you did the same thing.” By the way.. mom’s are ALWAYS right 😉


I see how my father acts silly just to make him laugh. Here I was sitting on the couch taking it all in with tears in my eyes knowing that we are all so loved and blessed.


You see. It doesn’t matter how much money you have or how what needs to get done life is perfect if you look around and really take in every single movement. Hold your little babes tonight because it goes too quick!




A cleaner toothbrush?! Germ free! IntelliDent Products

I never really enjoy brushing my teeth but have to do it at least three times a day just because I hate the way it smells or feels sometimes. I don’t like talking about teeth or the products there are out there, it is just one of those things that I don’t like to talk about! I hate going to the dentist and wonder how people could be in that field!!! Have you ever thought about how dirty your toothbrush is? Seriously I cringe thinking about how dirty it is!

However, when I found out about IntelliDent Products I thought it could solve a lot of my problems!! Seriously, no lie! We all know the struggle that goes into keeping your toothbrush clean. We use it several times a day all the time. It needs to breathe and it needs to be cleaned, but how can we do that? They have some simple and affordable products.


IntelliDent has two primarily fantastic products: IntelliDent MouthGuard Shield and ToothBrush Shield. The IntelliDent MouthGuard Shield protects the mouth guard that you might have. Instead of having plastic containers for your mouth guard they have these disposable covers for your mouthguard that you can use. It is so much cleaner than anyone can ever imagine! The mouth Shield gets rid of moisture, but also protects the harmful germs and bacteria that are within locker rooms, etc.


Seriously this is pretty awesome. IntelliDent Toothbrush Shield is perfect for when you are traveling or when you want to keep it safe from germs. It keeps your brush clean right after you are done brushing. There is no need to place your toothbrush in containers where bacteria can’t breath, this is your savior!

Go ahead and check them out on the web:


Twitter: @IntelliDent1 @IntelliDent2 @SusanKlinsport




Coin Jar!

You have heard us talk about this coin jar idea for so many things. We know that this seems like a no brainer, but really we promise that it is worth it. It will build up over time.

I seriously find change all the time!! I put change into a coin jar then deposit it into my sons savings account, its a no brainer. I don’t know how I even have change when I use my card like all the time? So crazy. Instead of letting it lay around or spend it on lunch I just deposit it at the bank. I don’t go to the bank often, but once I have a large amount of coins in my jar I go there to just deposit them.

I clean out wallets, drawers, and purses monthly. You wont believe how much change I find in there!! An average month I get about $100 in change. LIKE WHAT!!! That’s $1,200 a year without even knowing it!? That is beyond crazy. 

Its so easy and fun to do. When you find change you are like YAY I am saving 25 cents!!!!! Make it fun! If you have kids, tell them that if they find change you will buy them a piece of candy and put the rest into the change jar they will love it! We promise.

Do you have a coin jar? How much do you find in your coin jar? Head on to your bank and deposit that money, save MONEY! 😉

Bulk Shopping

Let’s talk bulk shopping this week. Do you do it? Do you buy in bulk from Sams Club? We do! It is so much better and easier for us for certain things. You have to be smart when you go into the store and have control otherwise you will be like a little kid in a candy store!

I try to go to Sams Club on my own, without my husband, otherwise he can spend a lot of money! No but seriously Sams club is our savior. We go there bi-weekly for diapers, wipes, and formula. That alone is worth it. You can get more diapers and formula than any other supermarket, we did the comparison. You might find other ways and use coupons, it is just our preference. Lately the baby hasn’t been taking as many bottles as he used to so that cuts back on formula costs (it’s expensive y’all).

Besides for baby stuff we find that cleaning and pantry stuff is perfect to get there. So we buy a 24 pack of paper towel that is mega large and we seriously can wait 3-4 months before buying more! It is worth it for us. Same for toilet paper! These simple things save us from running to the grocery store, or getting them weekly!

We also get Clorox, Lysol, Pledge, and Air Fresheners. All of these items last about 4 months plus. I think we bought the three pack of Clorox wipes back in September and we are JUST now getting through the last of it. It seriously makes it so much easier. I make a list of the things that we need to pick up every three months at Sams, then bi weekly at Sams. I will be sharing that list on our blog soon, so you can have it for your needs!

How do you save money? Do you bulk shop?

Sick Baby Fun

Oh my goodness last week we had a sick baby. It’s hard being a mom and small business owner. You really have to learn how to manage it all. Even if you have help it still sucks.

I just don’t get when babies are sick they are miserable so are we. But there’s something about the baby. You don’t know how to care for baby other than cuddle. You know what they are going through but they can’t relate or talk because it’s new. It’s so frustrating for a mom. You know it sucks for them and they just want to feel better.

You go to the doctors and its normal like they just can’t put baby on medicine when theres nothing wrong?! It’s frustrating and Im thankful its nothing major, but I just want him to feel better!

Yeah we lose sleep and get extra sweet cuddles but really…,  I feel so hurt I wish there was more I could do. I don’t know about this whole new mom thing I just don’t. We learn and adjust but how!?

What are some your secrets to help a baby get better? We have him some tyenol but really I think it’s just one of things that will go away in time. Luckily he was still content, ate, and didn’t have a fever!