How To Keep Calm During a Pandemic

So many people are hurting from the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). I know people are hurting. I know people are sad, miserable, and worried. People aren’t working, kids are home from school. Life is a MESS. I get it. We all have our own thoughts and feelings of what is going on. I am a single mother to an autistic child, I get it. My mothers surgery got cancelled… her trip got cancelled.. so many things are affecting us. Friends have gotten tested, anxiety has been high trust me when I say you are not alone. 

Everything is closing, or is already closed. Schools are being shut down, children are at home. I GET IT. Do you hear me?! I GET IT! There isn’t much of anything open and they don’t want people going out if they don’t have to. We are staying inside since my son is high risk. 

Here are a list of ideas for you to do…  FOR FREE. You can have fun and even learn with your children right at home. 

Virtual Tours FOR CHILDREN:


  • ABC MOUSE First MONTH FREE!  :More than 850 Lessons Across 10 Levels. The Step-by-Step Learning Path presents the full curriculum in a carefullydesigned program of more than 850 lessons in ten levels. 
  • Scholastic: Scholastic is the world’s largest publisher and distributor of children’s books, connecting educators and families through accessibility, engagement, and expertise. We are a leading provider of literacy curriculum, professional services, and classroom magazines, and a producer of educational and popular children’s media.
  • Rosetta Stone: Start fine-tuning your pronunciation from the very first lesson with our patented TruAccent speech-recognition engine. That way, you’ll be confident that you know what to say and how to say it.
  • Melissa and Doug: Play ideas for when you are stuck at home, because let’s face it – you are. 
  • Crayola: unleash your imagination and create~ DIY things for the kids through coloring, drawing, and painting.ACTIVITIES FOR PARENTS 
  • InstacartGroceries delivered in as little as 1 hour. Find 1,000’s of productsfrom the stores you already shop at.
  • HelloFresh: America’s Most, Popular Meal Kit. Now offering the most recipe variety

    and meals starting at $7.49

  •  Blue Apron :Choose your meals Our chef-designed recipes include balanced Mediterranean meals, quick one-pan dinners, and top-rated customer favorites.

  • Uber Eats: Order with $0 Delivery Fee. To support the community, you get a $0 Delivery Fee on any order from a local restaurant.
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About a year ago, I was in a place where I had no idea how to be a business owner but I knew it was what I wanted to do. I had everything in place but something was missing. It seemed like most days I was struggling to find ways to express my thoughts and feeling and get the encouragement I needed.  

One day I found my savior – my sales coach! I knew I needed her as a sales coach, but more than that I needed to be a part of a mastermind. I knew I had to lean in on other female entrepreneurs. It was the best decision I made. We all go through things and need to vent, let thing out, or share success stories with one another. 

The best thing that I honestly love is the mastermind retreat. Do not get me wrong I love the online networking we do as well as the sales coaching part, but there is something about the retreat. All of the ladies (mostly mom’s) get together and talk about all things business. 

We run away from our family and life for about three to four days. The very first one I went to I had MAJOR anxiety now I feel like we are all family and can’t wait for the next one. They say that everyone should experience a vacation on their own, especially mom’s., I couldn’t agree more… 

If we were in a work environment we would have team meetings, right? So why not have something similar for entrepreneurs.  It is truly an amazing experience! I love this idea and love how planned it is (thank you sales coach Renee) 

By the way this post is NOT sponsored by any means. It is true thoughts from myself on why everyone needs some sort of vacation.. Whether that vacation is for personal or business is your call. I like to mix both. 😉

It is the best for mental health. You realize how powerful and amazing you are. You come back happy and a changed person. If you go for business and surround yourself with great people you will get the confidence that you need. I know I always come back from the retreat confident and happy; there is something about being around successful female entrepreneurs. 

It is a great time for reflecting. We doubt ourselves all the time, we think no one wants to buy from us.. or whatever. I can’t tell you how many times I came back from one of these and launched something new and it SOLD. Now of course there is much more to it than just talking about it, but I made it happen. 

So when is the next time you are going to go on a ‘mom vacation?’ —> Join me over in my private little clubhouse for FREE RIGHT NOW, before we no longer accept new members!!