Top 13 Cedarwood Essential Oil Uses

  1. Eczema—is a common skin disorder that causes dry, red, itchy skin that blister. Cedarwood can cure the inflammation that leads to this irritating skin issue since it reduces skin pealing; it treats the infection with its antifungal properties.
  2. Hair loss— Cedarwood stimulates the hair follicles and increases circulation to the scalp. This contributes to hair growth and slows hair loss.
  3. Dry scalp— Cedarwood helps reduce dry or flaky scalp because it stimulates the scalp and increases circulation. To take advantage of this mix two drops of cedarwood essential oil with coconut oil. 
  4. Antiseptic properties— Cedarwood can safely be applied topically on wounds as an antiseptic. It defends the body against toxins but also relieves your white blood cells and immune system. This protects your internal functions and fights off bacteria in the body.
  5. Reduces arthritis— Inflammation of the joints and tissues can lead to debilitating pain; this can be lessened with the use of cedarwood. By inhaling the oil, or using it externally on the skin, you reduce inflammation.
  6. Relieves spasmodic conditions— If you struggle with restless leg syndrome, or asthma,  you can find relief by taking advantage of the calming and soothing properties of cedar wood.
  7. Natural deodorizer— Cedarwood is comforting, reassuring and possesses a wood-like scent. It adds a warm tone to any blend of perfumes or mixtures.
  8. Tightens muscles —Because cedarwood essential oil is an astringent, it creates a feeling of firmness and youth. It hardens the muscles of the digestive system, which helps with stomach issues like diarrhea.
  9. Serves as a diuretic— Cedarwood increases the frequency of urination and removes harmful toxins.
  10. Improves Focus and ADHD— Dr. Terry Friedmann M.D. and Dennis Eggett from Bringham Young University found that using cedarwood oil on children could greatly improve their focus and learning capacity.
  11. Cough relief— Cedarwood essential oil has the power to remove phlegm from the respiratory tract and lungs, it loosens bothersome phlegm and relieves headaches as well.
  12. Bug repellant— Cedarwood essential oil drives away mosquitoes and other insects. You can put a few drops of oil on your skin to keep them away outdoors, or use a vaporizer.
  13. Relieves tension— It has a soothing and calming effect on the mind, reduces inflammation and muscle pain. The scent of cedarwood essential oil encourages the release of serotonin.

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The perfect oil for skin care

Despite the odd-sounding name, Neroli is actually an oil from a familiar source—the bitter orange tree. This tree is also the source of Petitgrain oil from its leaves and twigs, and bitter orange oil from the rind of its fruit, which is different from Wild Orange. Neroli is now a new oil in the doTERRA Touch® line, and as such comes packaged in a 10 mL roller bottle for a convenient way to apply the oil.

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Most Common Uses

Because doTERRA Neroli Touch is diluted with Fractionated Coconut Oil, it is primarily meant to be used topically or aromatically. Here are some ways to incorporate it into your daily life:

  1. Before any big event, keep your skin looking its best by applying Neroli directly to skin before using moisturizer to reduce the appearance of blemishes. You can also apply it throughout the day as needed.
  2. Apply to your pulse points on your wrists, neck, or the side of your forehead to uplift your mood and enjoy the sweet citrusy scent.
  3. When you’re feeling anxious or frazzled, apply Neroli to your palms and cup your hands around your nose. Breathe in the scent deeply a few times to feel more relaxed and at peace.
  4. Roll a small amount onto skin and then add Lavender, Ylang Ylang, and Marjoram oils for an aromatic massage experience.

Did you know?

  • As with most floral oils, timing is important when working with the blossoms. Orange blossoms will quickly lose their oil after they’ve been picked, and need to be steam distilled as soon as possible to produce the highest quality and quantity of oil possible.
  • Neroli is not a photosensitive oil, and should be fine to wear topically when outdoors.

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