One of summer’s most popular trends gets updated for fall, and we love the new boho pieces. They are casual, but chic and perfect for the beginning of the school season. Here a few of our favorite boho outfits for kids from Nordstrom Rack and Etsy.

Tucker + Tate Printed Swingy Dress & True Religion Single End Jeans

This Tucker + Tate Printed Swingy Dress is bright and fun. It features a gauzy texture and richly colored navy and purple print. For the tomboy that likes to run around, she can pair the dress with these True Religion Single End Jeans. With a frayed hem, red stitching and boho blue wash they make the perfect outfit.

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Boho Summer Dress

Just because school is starting up again, doesn’t mean the summer heat is waning. A cotton boho sundress is perfect for warm weekends and special events. This style from Etsy features an elasticated back and spaghetti straps that tie through loops in back. Due to the comfy, adjustable fit, you may get two seasons out of this dress.


Pastourelle by Pippa and Julie

Even toddlers can get into the boho trend with this adorable Pastourelle by Pippa and Julie boho print set. The two-piece set features 100% cotton leggings and a multi-colored blouse with flutter sleeves, back button closure and a pompom trim.


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Sack lunches… Unsacked By Marla Bautista

I have a confession, in the past, I was the mom who put the same exact foods in my child’s lunchbox for the entire school year.  Peanut Butter Sandwich… check, fruit snacks… check, Cheez-Its… check, and a Capri Sun.  I felt guilty for being redundant and not giving my children something yummy and different to look forward to during the school day. 

I am excited for school to begin, for more reasons than preparing lunch, of course. In this article, you will learn a few conventional and unconventional ways to make your child’s lunch more exciting, they will be more energetic and attentive after lunch. 

Let’s talk Containers. What do you use to store your child’s lunch?  It’s no secret, I am a sucker for Pottery Barn Kids.  I love their styles, bright colors, and even the personalization of products they offer! However, I have three children, providing Pottery Barn Kids Backpacks, Lunch Boxes, and accessories can become quite costly. There are a lot of other options to choose from.  One of my favorite online shops, Amazon, is a great place to find deals on back to school lunch items. 

If cost is not a factor, check out the PlanetBox, they are amazing! It is eco-friendly, comes with two containers with lids, a carrying case, and is dishwasher safe. I love the colors and unique designs of this lunch box.  Your child will always be able to quickly locate their lunch during field trips.  If you are looking for a more cost effective option, check out one of my go-to lunch boxes, The Bentgo Kids Lunch Box. This compartmentalized lunch box is great for younger kids with smaller appetites and less sturdy balance. These lunches are drop proof! Um… yes, I’ll take one in every color, please! 

What are you putting in your child’s super swanky, top notch lunch boxes? Are you a sandwich, snack, and fruit type, or do you do something different? I learned, over the years, that your child wants to eat something simple, fun, and light. Deli sandwiches and soups can sometimes be heavy and make your child tired after lunch which contributes to them being inattentive and sleepy. 

Try something different, utilize your food groups.  Put in a few slices of cucumber and tomato, a small mixed greens salad, or a variety of their favorite fruits.  Add some deli lunch meat, you’ve rolled with cheese and some grains.  My children love baguettes, So I put one in their lunch box. I have tried making dipping sauces with yogurt or peanut butter, my kids aren’t big fans. What are your thoughts? Are the dipping sauces a hit in your child’s lunch box?

If you do make sandwiches, are you cutting them into fun shapes? Using a different sandwich cutter daily, can help your child’s brain development, it promotes curiosity and critical thinking skills. This assortment of Kazoo Cutters is a great way to make your everyday sack lunch, an intriguing chow time! 

Last but not least, add a note of sentiment, or something to make the lunch and your child’s day special. I have tiny cards I made from multiple colors of construction paper. Just a phrase as simple as; Mommy and Daddy love you and want you to have the best day ever, can motivate your child to their best throughout the school day.  If your child is too young to read, add one of their favorite stickers to the lunch box. 

Going back to school is an amazing new start for children and parents alike.  Let’s be supportive and encouraging, every day! If we are exhibiting positive behaviors and healthy habits, our children will follow, and if we are not, they will follow. Have a great school year, and remember to not only eat healthy, but eat happy as well.  

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Marla Bautista is the published Author of My Thoughts Abandoned, released in January 2017 and the Armed Forces Insurance 2018 Military Spouse of the Year for Fort Drum. She is also a Freelance Writer and Blogger. She has written guest contribution blogs for Multiple companies including, Military Crashpad, Sleepingbaby.com, SoldiersWifeCrazyLife.com, and ArmyWife 101.  She has an Associate’s of Arts and Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication Studies. Marla is also the Co-Founder of The Bautista Project, a custom décor and apparel company, which uses a percentage of their profits to provide for homeless communities. In her free time, Marla enjoys volunteering within her community.



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The Top Six Girls Clothing For Back To School

I love being able to get all my shopping done online these days. The best part is if you have amazon prime you can get two day shipping – hello lifesaver! I know you will enjoy our top six items for girls with school just around the corner. Why shop in person, when I hand picked these items for you? The other best thing? All of these items are highly affordable, so go ahead and stock up.

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 9.50.39 PM

French Toast Girls’ Two-Tab Pleated Scooter 

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 9.50.31 PM

Premium Skinny Stretchable School Uniform Pants for Girls – Khaki, Navy, Black 

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 9.50.19 PM

French Toast Girls’ Twofer Pleated Dress 

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 9.50.05 PM

Nautica Girls’ Uniform Soft Touch Pull-On Scooter 

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 9.49.41 PM

French Toast Girl’s Uniform Polo 2 Pack Short Sleeve Interlock 

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 9.48.42 PM

Gildan Youth School Uniform Pack of 5 Double Pique Polo Sport Shirts 

Don’t forget to check out our backpacks and shoes


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When it comes to back to school gear, the backpack reigns supreme. With so many options and styles, it can be hard to find the best bag out there for your children. From old favorites to new designs, here are our top three backpacks for this year.

JanSport Big Student Backpack

One of eBag’s best-selling student backpacks, the JanSport Big Student Backpack comes in six different colors and patterns. It is made from durable polyester fabric and features a large shape with multiple pockets for storage, a fully padded back panel, and S-curved shoulder straps that make it ultra-comfortable to carry.

Detailed with a front gear pocket with an audio electronics organizer, this backpack includes two spacious main compartments to hold your laptop, books, folders, and other bulky items as well as a side water bottle pocket and a stash pocket on the front to hold small accessories. It is perfect for high school and college students!

Hanna Andersson Discover Backpack

Available in three fun patterns, Hanna Andersson’s heavy-duty packs are built to organize and carry everything kids need. The lightweight-yet-rugged packs that are crafted for kids’ comfort, featuring ergonomic straps are shaped to fit the shoulder better.


UA Favorite Backpack 3.0

It’s called “favorite” for a reason. This backpack from Under Armour is cute, comfortable and ready to take care of business. It’s water-resistant and has more than enough pockets to keep your kids organized. It is also made with tough, durable materials that hold up against daily wear and tear.


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When Your Child With Autism Goes to School; Navigating the System and Building Your Team (Part 1: Preparing YOU for When Your Child Starts School)

I have had the privilege, and I mean privilege in the most sincere way possible, of working with several children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD or Autism in this post) as a special educator, a consultant and classroom teacher in my career.  I say privilege, because these children taught me so much , especially about behaviour and inclusion.

As a special educator, one of the things I learned early in my career is that sometimes, by the time they enter the school system, parents of kids with special needs have spent years fighting for what they need for their child.  They’ve been navigating a system that has not always been easy and accessible, and have not always been listened to or honoured for what they know about their own child’s needs.

Sometimes, when parents have come into the school system, they have come in “swinging”.  They have their hackles raised, ready to fight, even before the process has begun.  This is so sad, and can sometimes start things off on a difficult note.

I’m guessing that if you are reading this, you are already relating on some level.  From an educator’s point of view, I’d like to share a few ideas that will help you gain more power and influence in the school system and in the decisions that will be made regarding your child’s education.

Ok… before I go any further there are a few things I have to clear up.

  1. Please use and ask others to use respectful terminology when referring to your child.  Your child is a child with autism (ASD), not an ASD Child or an Autistic of an Autistic child.  Respectful language puts the child first and the challenge second.  We want our kiddos to be seen as kids, not “disabilities”, and this subtle use of wording can make a difference. I don’t consider this a “labeling” problem as sometimes labeling can be quite useful.  But the label should not define the child.  Politely, with a smile, ask people to use the appropriate wording.
  2. Not all systems are the same.  The policies, procedures and processes in each school district, and even within individual schools, can differ greatly! I don’t claim to know how all schools operate regarding programming for high needs kiddos.  But knowing that all schools can differ is a powerful understanding, and one that can work to your advantage as you begin your education system journey.
  3. You need to know off the start that I’m a huge advocate of inclusion.  This is not the same as “integration”. (This is material for another article)  Inclusion goes further than integration.  Inclusion isn’t a “place” the child is in, it is more of a philosophy for making decisions in a way that does not exclude the child from experiences and opportunities.  And for me the biggest of these is social experiences and opportunities.  AND you need to know right from the get-go that not all educators and certainly not all systems agree with inclusion, or implement it in the same ways, or even fully understand it. So you may have to take a gentle lead if this is what you want.

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BIO- Roberta Luchinski is the Owner/Facilitator of Empowered Parent Plan.  She helps busy parents prevent, respond to and change their kiddo’s difficult behaviours.  Roberta uses positive parenting strategies and brain based methods tried and true from her experience as a Mom, Grandma and 30 years of Educator experience. Roberta holds an MEd in Educational Psychology and has worked with diverse students as a Classroom Teacher, a Diversity Teacher, a Special Educator and a Consultant.

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