Use Location Stickers in Your Stories to Increase Reach

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It is no surprise that Instagram Stories are popping. If you don’t know that then you will want to catch up on some other blog posts. Instagram stories are used by 500 million users every day, you can use it to your advantage.

Locations stickers indicate that you’re in a particular location and that increases the chance that users searching for that place will see your content.
The best part? Tailwind now lets you schedule IG Stories, so you do not have to think on the spot what to post and can use it based on your content or campaigns.


However, rather than appearing in the main body of search, your Stories will appear in the Stories section – signified by a bright orange circle around the icon at the top of a search. People love this and it is HOT right now.

  1. Here is some ideas for you:
    Try to post a video, rather than a still image.  Although the Instagram algorithm is a closely-guarded secret, evidence suggests that video Stories are favored over still posts for Location Highlights!
  2. Tag yourself in your story! Seems silly. However, it actually helps curious users to navigate to your profile. @Mentioning yourself will give users a button to click to go right to your profile easily.
  3. Choose your location carefully. The more ultra specific you are on your location, the less chance that a wider audience will see it.

Instagram stories are fairly easy to use, and will help generate a new and different audience. So go ahead and use Tailwind to schedule and crush your IG stories.

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How to Create a Killer Instagram Story Campaign

Instagram is huge and is one of the best ways to get sales for any business. There are several ways for Instagram to rock. The most popular thing right now is Instagram stories. You can NAIL these and generate new leads and sales. Stories are great because they stay up for only 24 hours, so people have the urgency to click through and take action.

Did you know that you can NOW schedule Instagram Stories and Videos from Tailwind App? You simply load up your video or post, and use Push Notifications to send it to Instagram and into your Stories!


You first have to decide how you’re going to appeal to your audience. Share a personal story or a simple introduction. People want to be able to connect and stories sell. Work in results, before-and-afters, proof of success, etc.

Most of this is best done by you talking to the camera or creating a series of slides. Use polls to help your viewers find the problems that they are having, so you can solve them. For example: “Which Do You Struggle With More?”

Make sure to keep your Story frame visually appealing and interesting (hello branding expert here!). You will want to keep away from not having clear graphics or call to actions. Keep it consistent and clean. Go ahead and schedule those stories with Tailwind. 

You will want to share out exactly what your audience needs to do next! You can let them do a poll here, or ask a question. Make sure to engage and interact no matter what. Super easy and friendly, right?

You can do all this and more, just by signing up for Tailwind. 


—> Join me over in my private little clubhouse for FREE RIGHT NOW, before we no longer accept new members!!

Difference Between a Blogger and an Influencer

Talk about blogging and influencers right now has skyrocketed. It is a hot topic. Many millennials do this to earn cash, and it is quite an effective way to make money.

There is a huge difference between bloggers and influencers. I consider myself both. I have multiple streams of income; both of these are my side gigs.

A blogger is someone who blogs. I know, duh, right. An influencer is someone who is influential online and shares products or services to their audience on one or many platforms. It depends on what the client wants. A blogger can be an influencer if they have an influential blog. The two can honestly go hand in hand, but sometimes people might want one or the other.

If brands want to be seen on social media, they will most likely hire an influencer. However, sometimes they want more than that such as a blog post. The best part about this is that it can lead to affiliate links, which in turn also adds another revenue of income. It’s like a three-way system. Do you see what I mean?

In the blogging world, influence is measured by the number of monthly visitors and engagement. Engagement means shares, comments, clicks, etc. People aren’t always concerned about your social media following but would rather have a high level of engagement over anything else.

However, just because you have a blog, doesn’t mean you’re an influencer.

What Is An Influencer?: You have seen celebrities get used as influencers: Oprah, Rush, Kim Kardashian.  From a brand perspective, this method is powerful since the influencer can transfer their story and knowledge to their audience.

Most of us, though, have the expertise and a personality which is an excellent benefit for influencers. If you do not have a fun, humorous personality, then being an influencer might not be for you.

  1. Focus On Your Niche: It’s ok to have varied interests but make sure your niche is defined. Having this narrow field established is critical to know your audience and what they are looking forward to the most in your posts.
  2. Include Yourself In Your Visual Content: Audiences connect with people, so that means your personality and imagery matter the most. Put yourself out there, and do custom photos. You don’t need to be in every picture, but avoid the use of stock images on your posts.
  3. Keep It Real: Authenticity is key with being an influencer and even a blogger. People can’t connect if you aren’t unique and personal. It is a proven fact. Keep your wording with posts and always follow disclosure information rules.
  4. Engage With Your Audience: People who follow you want to connect with you. You have something interesting to say that they like. Reach out and give them a chance to communicate with you. Something as simple as commenting is important.  

Here are links for some of my favorite influencer programs:

Influencer marketing is one of my favorite ways to make money. I love being able to share custom stories and images on my social media platforms (and even blog). Are you looking to get started with influencer marketing? Shoot us a message for some additional tips.


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Social Media Can Ruin Your Life

Growing up we always had some sort of social media – AOL messenger, MySpace, Facebook, now we have a million different forms. Right?  The problem is that people don’t see why social media ruins certain aspects and how it should be used. Social media is a way to connect with friends and people. It seems that businesses run their brands on there and do well.

But when you are on it personally for yourself, yikes. It gets rough. How many freakin’ platforms do you need to be on actively? How many selfies do you need to take? How many times do you have to post the same picture to all the platforms? Why do we feel the need to do all that? It’s annoying. What else is annoying is all the freaking filters that come with it. The never-ending selfies and filters are NOT cute and makes you look ridiculous. I merely am being honest here.

Don’t forget to add in the messenger. You have to respond to people and then like what they say to you and respond to direct messages. What in the world have we become? But then when the moment comes where you need to have an in-person communication, people would rather text the information. WHAT? I am not good with speaking words but can write my words like a boss. So, I get it. But I would write something out, then read it to someone before I can text it.  

I like how phones let you know how much time you spend on social media now; it’s interesting to see how much time you waste on bits that actually do matter. AS a business owner, I have to keep up on all these platforms. But there comes a time when we have to let it go and get off our phones/computers. Business or personal, whatever it is. It needs to stop.

So how does social media truly ruin your life?

  1. Work: There is nothing worse than working in a corporate job and letting them see what you post. One post can end your career. Trust me, I have seen many people have this happen. You have to be careful with what you post and say. Even if your profile is personal, it still needs to be professional. You are not a teenager, don’t post that you are getting wasted. Don’t post that you hate your job. Don’t post that you hate your marriage. It affects your future, career, and personal life. 
  2. Marriage: This one is near and dear to me. People used to be worried about texting or phone calls. Now, there is Snapchat and Instagram where information can be deleted and hidden from your significant other. It can literally cost your marriage and life. Eventually, the truth will come out, and it will be what it is.
  3. Can we just use social media for posting uplifting posts? Can we use it to engage with our favorite businesses and friends? Go ahead and post selfies, but we don’t need your whole newsfeed to be saturated by it. Share with the world something positive and a story with that selfie so someone can relate to it.


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Automatically Schedule Your Instagram Posts

Do you hate having to be on instagram, coming up with content, and then publishing it?  I know I do especially when it is on my phone and seems like I am on there wasting time just to write the perfect caption and hash tags. The good news is that now many third party social media platforms allow you to schedule, post, and share right from your desktop. There is NO need to push notifications from your account out to your instagram account. This is a BRAND NEW FEATURE and is a lifesaver!

The time has come… where you can now schedule them on a desktop computer and it AUTOMATICALLY POSTS. This is mega news y’all.

It’s super easy with Tailwind (an app for Pinterest and Instagram), you just set it and forget it, and say good-bye to push notifications telling you it’s time to post – for good!!!! Take back your nights and weekends, and let Tailwind post at the perfect times for you! Save that time where your business needs you!!


Psssst! We’ve heard that other tools don’t support hashtags – and that reduces the reach of your posts. So, Tailwind was careful to build out  auto-post feature in such a way that your posts get the full advantage of each hashtag! How awesome, right?

We’re really excited about this development and would love for you to sign up on Tailwind!! It’s super easy just follow my Link, sign up, and get publishing n those instagram pages!!

This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

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