The Top 10 Ladies Spring Accessories Items

I love when the seasons change. There is jus something about the fresh clean air that makes everything alright, and makes everyone feel a little better. Yes I am talking about spring. It’t not cold, and it’s not super hot. It’s the perfect time of the year to dress how you want and look good.. You can wear just about anything! Here are some of my favorite spring items! Which ones are your favorite? 

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With over 100 handcrafted and polarized gorgeous designer shades for only $29.95, everyone can be anyone with Prive Revaux. Spotted on celebs like Jennifer Lopez and Jamie Foxx, Prive Revaux shades are meant to be worn all year — not just the summer months.

The brand’s newest Icon Collection for both men and women consists of vintage styles with modern flair that make these frames anything but ordinary. Make a purchase from now until the end of 2017 and receive a promotional code for 25% off any future purchase.

Here are a few of our favorite pieces from the Icon Collection.

The Warhol 

These frames have you seeing the world through colored lenses, just like Warhol himself. A classic nose bridge finishes off this easy-to-wear style.


The McQueen 

A classic aviator style, with a hint of sophistication. From bomber jackets to blazers, this style is your new go-to.


The Hepburn 

Channel Audrey Hepburn vibes in the frames that embody her signature look. Go for the black style to achieve the casual-cool that made Audrey a star.





Accessories For Under $15

I hope you have started your Christmas shopping… I hate waiting until the last minute to get mine done. I buy a little here and there. I especially love to buy people a few items at a time. For example, I set a budget then I buy a few small things as well. So when I see that there are accessories for under $15, I jump on it and get a few for the people on my list. I hope that you can enjoy some of these items for your shopping gals!