Ten Cheap Engagement Decorations

It’s that time of year.. ,I feel like everyone around me is Celebrating good news — you know the marriage or pregnancy stuff. I love all of these events so much. They are so much fun to plan and find gifts for your loved ones. So if you know someone who was just engaged … Here are ten of these decorations frugally.


  • http://shrsl.com/qnzo
  • http://shrsl.com/qnzq
  • http://shrsl.com/qnzr
  • http://shrsl.com/qnzs
  • http://shrsl.com/qnzt
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  • http://shrsl.com/qnzx
  • http://shrsl.com/qnzy

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  1. That coffee cup is so cute. I wish I would have spent the time to actually find a cute way to announce my engagement with props in a photo or professional pics rather than just a picture of my ring.

  2. Fun decor ideas! I’m always looking for great party ideas. Bri from Halfpint Party Ideas!

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