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Texting is HORRIBLE we should all stop doing it.

I hate texting. Texting is dangerous. As we get older we start to realize that texting is horrible and should be taken away from us. Have you ever sent a text and got it interpreted the wrong way? Have you ever sent a mean text and wish you hadn’t? Have you ever sent a drunk text? We should stop doing all these things. Its harder as adults for a few reasons.. 

Why texting is bad 

  • We cant read the attitude or sarcasm: Think about the time when you have gotten a text and read it all the wrong way. Think about the time you got a text and didn’t even understand it and instead you sent a text back that was WAYY out of line. This happens so many times to people. We just want to respond, but often times respond with the wrong words.
  • We cant go back on our word: Once we say it in a text, we can’t delete it. We can’t delete words in real life either. We need to stop and think before we respond verbally, emotionally, or through text. It is tough. We are human and have emotions, so make sure to think before acting always. Words can hurt sometimes more than actual physical abuse.
  • Screenshots or saved chats: If you are going through something, or might be in the near future, then texting can be a bad thing. People will screenshot so that they can keep it and hold it against you. This is one of the worst things about texting. Even if they have no reason to save it, they might for a rainy day. Truth.

There are a ton of reasons why texting is bad. The next time you go to send a text think about it before it happens. You can’t go back in texts so make sure that you are saying what you mean.         


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