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The Autism Truth From A Mother’s Perspective

We have been down this road before the regression stage. I get excited when he does something then its not consistent. I am his cheerleader and get So freaking excited, but then go back to being down because we weren’t 100% successful. I beat myself up. I constantly wonder what the heck is going on and what is wrong? I hate not knowing those truths!  I mean lets be honest here. 

I wonder is it me? Is it him? Why can’t we just be consistent? Then I read and talk to others; it takes a kid 1,000 times before they are consistent with anything. So with a special needs kid, it takes at least double that. So keep doing, and don’t get frustrated, is what I tell myself..

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Sometimes it doesnt matter if you are helping him learn because everything you do is. So sitting there stressing about everything isnt efficient. You need to have learning times and then breaks; it is too much for both of you.

I remember this day so good. I was doing some work from my phone and was in his room. I was just watching him play and letting him be that independent boy that he is! I then stopped and said okay it’s learning time. I have to get through to him it’s my goal. I started to worry because those thoughts are crazy hard for me and I just want the outcome to happen already!

So I thought about what to do to get through to him. Then I realized  lets be natural together. He loves tickling and being silly so why not?! I kept tickling and making him go a little backwards and his giggles made me feel the warmth and happiness inside. I said “more”, something that we have been working on for decades… He said more back and it was clear as day I got super excited and kept going with the play.

We have been enforcing “more” since he as about a year old with sign language for food, milk, toys, play, etc. So this isnt a surprise to me, but it felt so good to be able to hear that and have that happiness feeling inside of me!

The hardest part is that he is a toddler, two to be exact, and I feel we are in the terrible twos AND autistic so its double the trouble and patience. He tests me a lot, what kid doesn’t and lately he is laughing when I tell him “no.” Before he was two, I swear he listened much better and stopped when I said no. So enter terrible two’s lets do this.

You see that sometimes the play and learning is the way you want it to be. We all need to be more natural and relaxed; our kids can feel it too. Laugh a little and enjoy those moments for what they are worth, it goes too fast.

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