The autism truth (The Hard Truth about Parenting an Autistic Child)

You aren’t embarrassed or ashamed of your kid, but you understand people are looking and wondering. It hurts to see them looking at you and him. Trust me I get the feeling. This too shall pass…

I’m out at a place working with my son and repeating things and being quite annoying to them but I know my son is listening and getting a lot of it so let them look. If I can get through to my son that is all that matters.


I can’t tell you how many times I have been out and people just want to look at us. There are times when my kid will just sit down on the floor and not want to finish walking or get up. It just happens like that! But, I have to be patient and let him know that I am boss. I have seen people laughing and pointing at us – but why? As adults, can’t we just carry on, or offer a helping hand?

But then, during that moment when we are counting up to eight and he says eight, I scream! For most moms they are like, “Wow, great!” But for this autistic mama, it’s like a freakin miracle! So I keep going and keep being annoying, ignoring everyone else in the background. It is what I have to do in order to keep my sanity going.


I see the other moms sitting around and playing on their phones. But the truth is my kid learns through playing and interaction so if I look crazy or am being annoying, so be it. My son comes first. I try so hard to not be on my phone as much as I can when I am around my son and we have learning time. It amazes me how many people don’t want to interact with their kid when they are out and about. I am that mom, right now anyway, who is constantly talking and letting her son take in everything.

If we all want to judge and wonder what is “wrong” with my kid because he isn’t playing like the others? Then tough! Let’s just stop this nonsense and let it be.

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  1. I love that you are playing with him and working with him with all that you have. Others might not understand, but your love for your son is what matters! Keep going!

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