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The Best Frugal Tips For Back To School

Each year when school comes around parents get nervous, anxious and stressed. These emotions arise primarily because of how much money everything costs. There are ways to be frugal and still obtain all that you might need.

Here are some tips to consider before you go back to school shopping:

  1. Clean Out Closets + Thrift Shop Donation: Each year it is essential to go through closets full of clothes. What’s more important is to see which garments still fit and which ones don’t. When you have everything gathered that doesn’t fit, go drop it off at a thrift store and get some cash for it.
  2. Watch Sales: This step seems obvious but, in fact, lots of times stores mark items up for the back to school season. Don’t get caught up in overpaying, really look and price compare. Check out coupons
  3. Say “No”:Every kid is going to want something. That something might be something expensive. The key is to tell them they can get it after all other purchases. Let them know that they have to get the necessities before indulging a little.
  4. Set Budget: Another “duh” moment, but a must. You need to know how much you are going to spend on each kid. Budgeting helps just by being organized. You can take note of what you are going to need and not need, etc. Find a budget book. 
  5. Check Last Year’s Supplies: You can see the supplies that you might have from last year. If you have anything to start with, even something small, you can hold off on them until after the school year begins.
  6. Buy In Increments: Again, if you can watch for good deals and prices, then you can buy materials in increments little by little. Something about buying in increments makes everyone feel better.
  7. Take Notes: Taking notes is critical. This tip is a requirement. You take notes of what you are getting rid of, how much you will get back from thrift stores, budget, what’s on sale, etc. Only use a journal for this so that you can be focused.
  8. Buy Used: When it comes to clothing, it is okay to buy used. Kids grow too quick and are expensive. Second-hand is the best option sometimes until after school starts, and the pricing/clothing might be on sale or discounted.

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Shop smart this back to school season. You will appreciate it later, trust me. It is vital to know how to manage these tips so that you can have a stress-free back to school shopping season.


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  1. Ugh I cant WAIT to go pumpkin picking and make a pie with my family! Great tips for school, I’ve been slowing buying all my supplies this summer so I’m all set!

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