The comfiest blankets like EVER! Featuring bizy belle

Recently we re did Antonios room a little bit. We painted his walls blue and re arranged furniture, soon we will be adding in there a toddler bed. But for now, momma can’t think about that. The blue walls grew on me, at first I didn’t like them, but now I don’t mind them. 


I was so happy when I found Bizy Belle; we have been using the same blankets for antonio since he was born! So when I saw her blanket options I was super happy and couldn’t wait to use it.

More importantly, I was happy that I could find something that was super comfy and could match his room. We have blues, greys, and reds that we use for his theme in the room. Antonio defaintely loved and enjoyed this blanket!!


The BizyBelle brand all started from a mother’s desire for quality, luxurious, and modern blankets. Each item is custom designed and handmade to fit the needs of the client. BizyBelle has grown into an international brand! You can find BizyBelle featured in many blogs and sold in boutiques all over the world!

It is so incredibly exciting to see BizyBelle designs being used as the focal point of nurseries and rooms. It is a great honor to know that BizyBelle blankets are given as gifts and are often the very first blanket that our smallest clients will ever snuggle into! The very foundation of BizyBelle is a mother’s love. Go get your shopping on!!





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